Strip PS3 Blu-ray Copy Protection

A product known as the the GameSwitch PS3-S201 lets folks run their PLAYSTATION 3 on DVI monitors without high-def copy protection. Typically, an HDCP-certified monitor is required to play back Blu-ray and PS3 content if you're using DVI. Otherwise it won't play Blu-ray. The GameSwitch lets players game on DVI monitors, but also hook it up to an input. Meaning? Meaning that you could record 1-to-1 copy! The bad part: Since DVI is video only, audio would have to be recorded separately.

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-_-_-_-_-_-_-3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Why are companies even trying to protect content when everything gets hacked anyway. I can't understand it. Isn't it obvious that we need a different, new business model for digital content so everyone can be happy. The fundamental advantage of digital content is that it's versatile, shareable and easily multiplied.

What they do is so silly as if they were to try to stop lifeforms from multiplying.

ITR3710d ago

The only issue with this solution is you can't copy the sound through DVI since it's video only.

But I could work around that just by syncing up the video with the sndtrack later.