Wii safer than Xbox 360 in holiday war

Nintendo Co.'s Wii has faltered in the first half due to lack of top game titles, however the company is likely to sustain the holiday battle better than rival Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 in game lineup and consumer appeal.

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reintype3326d ago

Sorry there buddy, but that's shipped numbers and not install base, if it were, you'll not find any 360 on any store, which is not the case. Besides, you'll hear MS crowing everywhere along with other 360 fanboy sites, about the 360 being sold out.

On topic, I think MS knows that their install base is not growing, bec. at $200 they could not outsold the Wii nor the PS3. That's why I think, they went aggressive in their campaign for Forza 3 in hopes of converting Gran Turismo fans. Same thing with Natal, they hope to lure in the casuals or the Nintendo fanbase looking for an HD console.

Gr813326d ago

Its the market leading console and will destroy the competition this holiday season like it always has.

gumgum993326d ago

The roles has shifted this holiday. Now Sony is the one with the price cut, and a new form factor and game lineup to boot.