Will Halo: Reach match the graphical quality of Killzone 2? Halo: Reach is shaping up to be the best looking Halo game ever, but Will Bungie finally back its amazing gameplay with powerful visuals? Will Halo: Reach replace Gears of War franchise as the best looking exclusive on Xbox 360?

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Greywulf3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Then we will worry about Killzone2.


yeah.. Resistance 1's amount of stuff going on... THEN Uncharted1... KZ2 is a tall order even if Halo Reach is taking 5 years to get to the point of First Gen PS3 games. What was the KZ2 excuse? "It should look good if it took so long!" (looks at Alan Wake)

Disagrees... well you could easily settle it by saying what game trumps UC1.. or.. Resistance1. Or should I guess what Unreal Engine game you think does it?

lociefer3323d ago

uncharted ? u mean resistance 1, nothing can touch uncharted 1 , let alone kz2 and uc2

GWAVE3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Yeah.....the thing is that lots of journalists will probably give the graphics in Reach a 10/10 even if it doesn't manage to beat Uncharted 1, let alone Killzone 2, let alone Uncharted 2, let alone God of War 3, let alone Heavy Rain, let alone Gran Turismo 5.

They did the exact same thing for Halo 3 and ODST, even though the graphics in both games were incredibly outdated.

People will disagree, but the FACT is that the graphics in Halo 3 and ODST are not top of the line...heck, they're not even in the Top 10 of graphically-impressive games this gen. Halo 3 was even beaten by Resistance:FoM in terms of enemies and particles on screen at once.

-MD-3323d ago

You say nothing can touch Uncharted 1 then go on to list 2 games that surpass it visually? Lolwut?

Chubear3323d ago

*falls off chair in roaring laughter* These sites and their hunger for cheap hits XD

sikbeta3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Who cares? I'm still playing the best games this gen, why I'm going to expect graphical quality from a game that I don't care lol

mikeslemonade3323d ago

Nope no chance. Resistance 1 looks better than Halo ODST.

steck673323d ago

I agree with GWAVE, when it comes to reviews, reviewers will give it a 10 even if it doesnt deserve it.

I bet you that IGN, who gave a 9.5 for graphics in Killzone 2 because "the flamethrowers texture was weird", will give Reach a 10 if not the same graphics score as Killzone 2? I have a feeling that is what will happen.

Ghostsmoker3323d ago

let's wait and see. They're working with a new engine, everything is possible. Killzone 2 has awesome graphics ... but Halo Reach could reach this level too if Bungie works well. But the should concentrate on the other mechanics too.

mal_tez923323d ago

There is no reason why it can't besides developer effort. I'm not sure but I think the 360 can produce KZ2 quality graphics (although it has failed to do so) if developers put in the effort. But really so far, no 360 game looks as good as Drake's Fortune. Gears of War 2 and Resident Evil 5 come close, but still aren't as good.

Whether this is due to technical limitations of the Xbox or lack of developer effort I'm not too sure, but I think the 360 still has room to grow. Whether it can match PS3 graphics is still unknown.

What I think will happen is that in a couple years a 360 games will look as good as Killzone 2, but by then the PS3 will have games that make Killzone 2 look dated.

Chubear3323d ago

I'd say, first working on trying to beat R2 or try to match R3 b4 you move onto something like Infamous. Don't go near graphical comparison to UC2 and certainly even thinking about beating KZ2's graphics should even come close to being in your thoughts on this one.

colonel1793323d ago

that even if it matches Killzone 2 reviewers are going to grade it as if it was better than Uncharted 2. Killzone 2 graphics are awesome, but are old now, and new games are looking better (like uncharted 2, god of war 3, and future games by the time Halo Reach comes out).

We also would get to see tons of articles in N4G saying:
Halo Reach graphics better than Killzone 2, PS3 sucks.
Xbox360 capable of Killzone 2 graphics, does that mean that PS3 is lagging behind?

etc etc

NewZealander3323d ago

killzone 2 is so over rated! im sorry but its the most dull grey/brown un-origional game ive ever played.

this article is lame.

cmrbe3323d ago

if it dosen't then it will really prove once and for all that the x360 is in fact inferior.

The thing though is that by the time Reach matches KZ2 graphics will be dated on the PS3.

In the end what really matters is that you have enough talent in abundance to exploit your console. This is always something that Sony had over others. Exclusive talent. It dosent matter how powerful the console is if you don't have the talent to exploit it like what happend last gen. This gen however it obvious Sony now also has the hardware.

Honestly i will be surprise if Reach doesnt match KZ2. Alot is riding on Reach for MS and i am sure they have spent alot of resources on this project. In the end i really would like for them to do a huge non halo project for once.

lowcarb3323d ago

1st of all UC was on par with Gears1 graphically with both games having different areas that surpassed one another. 2nd gears2 surpassed UC1 which was then out done by KZ2 (not in all areas) and now UC2 (in all areas).

ABizzel13323d ago

Stop all the unnecessary hate. From the clips you can tell the weapons look a lot better, and that the game should be an overall improvement over Halo 3.

It just might be up there with the likes of Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 seeing that Bungie has probably been working on it since Halo 3 (since ODST was DLC forced to be a full game, and Bungie didn't make Halo Wars) so a 3 year development cycle should be enough to pull off some great graphics since they have the formula for gameplay and online down already.

Halo Reach may just set a new bar for graphics on the 360, but will it top the PS3? Unlikely sine the PS3 has multiple games with amazing graphics, but Halo Reach may be one of the 360 games to hang with the best of the best.

Sitdown3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing....the fact that you got disagrees shows the ignorance of some of the users of N4G. Logic is definitely not a requirement for membership.

Ohhh, and I could care less if it matches the "graphical quality" of Killzone a matter of fact, it might be a good thing if it doesn't.

HolyOrangeCows3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Halo 3/ODST didn't even play in native 720p.

Unless this fabled "X-Engine" is real, I doubt that Reach will break any boundaries.

sparta763323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Gears on par with uncharted Graphically...
I don't think so my friend...

Edit; I hope so. M$ NEEDS to invest in good engine for the 360.
Best looking game on xbox is re5 and that's a mutiplatform game.

Edit; @ shadow co[k
how would u know? Last time I checked u need a ps3 to play uncharted..

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Darkstorn3323d ago

Killzone 2 is on par with Uncharted 2 in my view. There's no way any 360 game can touch those masterpieces of graphical quality. MGS4 is a looker too.

leila013323d ago

It will be really difficult if they keep the same features Halo 3 has; like Split-screen for instance...

Bathyj3323d ago

"Ohhh, and I could care less if it matches the "graphical quality" of Killzone a matter of fact, it might be a good thing if it doesn't."

Sounds like you guys are already practicing your surrender speech.

Reach is the Flaggiest Ship of your Flagship franchise. If it doesnt reach KZ2 levels then every Xboxer who mocked the PS3 should have the guts to say right here that XB is not as powerful as PS3.

lowcarb3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Are you kidding me? DO you seriously believe that UC1 is better looking all around then Gears 1? Please let me try some of that stuff your smoking.

edit above bathye: Reach should look pretty good but even if it doesn't match KZ2 it still doesn't mean the xbox isn't more powerful. At the end of this gen we will know what console put out the best visuals and as it stands right now ps3 has the upper hand but by a very little.

badz1493323d ago

MW2 and then Reach, and then what? Viva Pinata 3 matching KZ2? pfft...stupid journalism these days!

3323d ago
lowcarb3323d ago

Those shots don't prove anything and only show someone took the worst possible shots they could find in Gears. Seeing gears in motion looks really good and UC in these shots are nothing to brag about.

Sitdown3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

"Ohhh, and I could care less if it matches the "graphical quality" of Killzone a matter of fact, it might be a good thing if it doesn't."

Sounds like you guys are already practicing your surrender speech.
_____________________________ ______________________________ _ ________

Or it could be the fact that if I wanted the "graphical quality" of KZ 2, I would just rent KZ 2 again and play it. Halo has its own graphical style, and I am fine with it..I don't need it to be another KZ2. Ohh, and just out of curiosity...what would I be surrendering from? Check my post history, I own an ps3...and play it just as much as my 360. Now I know Sony slaves might not comprehend this, but I have no allegiance to a particular system, I enjoy them all......*gasp* Yeah, I know its hard for you to imagine some gamers not caught up in the console war, and just enjoy games no matter what hardware its on.

Ohh, and besides...we all know its about graphics right? I bet KZ2 has just as many dedicated gamers still playing it as Halo 3 has right? Please entertain us...why isn't the "graphical quality" of KZ 2 keeping gamers like Halo 3? Ohhh, and please don't say because the 360 has no other games...cause we know that is not true.

WenisWagon3323d ago

It will SURPASS the graphics of flopzone 2. But since graphics don't make a game, it really matters about gameplay. And again, it will surpass flopzone 2, along with ANY flopstation 3 game... FACT.

Sarcasm3323d ago

Why is it that every possible unreleased 360 exclusives that nobody has really seen or know about is going to be the next "OMG PS3 Excluisve graphics KILLLLERR!!!"

ODST, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, and now Halo Reach. Those games will look good ON THE 360, but give it up. The PS3 has title after title released that the 360 will never be able to do.

mikeslemonade3323d ago

Hey you xbox zealots GTFO! Uncharted 1 destroys Gears 1 graphics and beats Gears 2 graphics. Nothing on xbox 360 has better graphics than Uncharted 1:Drakes Fortune which came out in 2007. Sorry, dudes go buy a PS3 if you want graphics. Some people need to have better eyes for things. The color differentiation between levels alone destroy Gears. If all games were grey and brown all games would look as good as Gears 1.

JokesOnYou3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Gears 1 looks better than UC, outside of n4g in the real world thats what most will tell you. KZ2 and UC2 aren't way ahead of Gears2, as far as textures go, the nod goes to Gears2. Upcoming 360 games like ME2 and Alan Wake look on par with anything on the ps3. Get over yourselves, ps3 isn't on par with PC and can't render 2 yr old Crysis level graphics, console games are getting closer but this gen won't be able to match that, so therefore if Crysis is the bar, then KZ2 and UC2 aren't outclassing 360 games.

You sony extremists need to quit hating on Halo, nobody gives a shiii what you say, its going to come out and rock the world just like Halo always does, Halo Reach will look awesome, it will sell tons, and it will be the MOST PLAYED VIDEOGAME FOR YEARS on a console as usual, lol and theres nothing you can do to stop it....that most be a very empty feeling for you haters, huh, enJOY it.


sparta763323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

You some of what I'm smoking?
Sure here have some is called reality!!!
Dude come on! Uncharted looks better then gears 2. And like they said above uncharted came out in2007.
I know u love the 360, and it hurts is ok buddy...

@ jokes, what did you say!? Can't hear u, u only have one bubble( thank god)

I don't care what this game looks like, I just hope is good!
Haven't heard much about reach. PLEASE let it be better then halo 3

JonnyBadfinger3323d ago

i guess it never hurts to have high hopes.... but those hopes will lead many to disappointment. I see the Halo HYPE has kicked off early this time.

Normally all the hype starts with about 6 months till launch when more is known about the game but 11 MONTHS!! REALLY!?!?

People need to sit down and wait and see.

Im not expecting it to match Killzone 2 or Uncharted 1or2 graphically, but the game overall will definitely be better than Killzone2

Sitdown3323d ago

match the "graphical quality" of KZ 2...who actually believes ps3 fans would actually admit it? I personally think we are getting to the point where it is more about graphical art style, and because of will always say that their preferred game is better graphic wise. I mean we already see that based on those who prefer GOW 3 graphics over UC2 and vice versa; none of the games are slouches, and all deserved to be praised on their own merit. Keep the great games coming...

WonderboyIII3323d ago

The simple answer is we will wait and see. However from those screen that could be real or fake, it doesnt seem like that is possible. There 2 sentences that are on topic and are free of fanboyism, unlike the nearly every post before me that is purely an xbox bashing 0rgy.

Budg3tG4m3r3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Wasn't it once said that Killzone 2 graphics couldn't be done on a 360 but yet here it is Halo Reach still in development and it looks as good. The screen shots are even off screen and it still looks good. I'm going to be broke again next year.

mastiffchild3323d ago

@lowcarb-mate you need your eyes checking if you think EITHER Gears games can hold a candle to even the first Uncharted. Let alone Gears2 being better than Killzone2 gfx in some areas-honestly I can't believe I read that and I love me some Gears as well. Don't even mention U2(it doesn't even deserve the taint of being in the comparison even if it wins, as it does, hands down).

As for Reach-we'll see what it can do but I've not felt a Bungie game was EVER that amazing graphically since, maybe, some parts of Halo2 which were, for their time, excellent but not even groundbreaking back then. People are asking for one hell of a step up in loomks here, remember that, and don't hang them if they can't quite pull it off-they were never all about the pretty anyway. Personally I'm just hoping it plays a bit differently as I think I've gobe as far as "classic" Halo gameplay is taking me-I'm getting a little tired of the same thing rehashed in that respect and don't ven play the H3 multiplayer much anymore.

So, hoping for something truly different this time round-though I'm also probably in a VASTLY over shadowed minority among Halo players there.

loser3323d ago

of every lowlife idiotic sony fanturd that can be found in every 360 thread? do you losers have no life at-all. my god, every time i come on here, i see the same turds, saying the same sh!t, in the same blogs wrote especially for you

last gen when the xbox was far superior in graphics quality, the sont turds never cared about the graphics, now it's all they rave and uncharted2, i bought it, played it, enjoyed it, completed it and then traded it for forza3. whilst it did indeed have great graphics, it wasn't a game i would've run out and bought a ps3 for if i didn't already have one.

halo reach will be great with or without kz2 quality graphics, and will be a day one for me! sorry turds.

but seriously, what is with all this fanboyism? can someone explain to me how you become this mindless idiot, that loves a games console, and hates it's rival?? you lot are without doubt the saddest cretins to ever post on web-site. fvck me get a life you fcking

Karum3323d ago

He means nothing on the 360 can touch UC1, not anything on the PS3.

Comprehension is not your strong suit it would seem.

O2_Addict3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Uncharted 2 is a huge leap over Uncharted 1 but even Uncharted 1 is far better, from a purely visual/technical standpoint, than any game on the 360.

Killzone 2 is a too much to ask.

Enormous amount of polygons.
Smoke reacts realistically to wind and rotor blades of aircraft!
When things explode, glowing (light casting) hot embers bounce around realistically.
Massive alpha effects filling the screen.
Huge amounts of physics driven volumetric smoke. Repeat: Physics driven volumetric smoke.
Huge number of real-time light sources.
Point specific hit response animations.
Superb AI.
Complex shaders everywhere.
Real-time god-rays.
Real-time object damage physics (walls, pillars)
The highest quality motion blur on consoles
Sound reproduction is easily the best on consoles
and on and on and on ....

Uncharted 2 is definitely a bit prettier, but in terms of all the background calculations and all the dynamic effects like particle physics and hit response, Killzone 2 is still tops.

Killzone 2 vs Gears 2

O2_Addict3322d ago

from a technical standpoint. Polygons, textures, etc...

Digital Foundry said that Insomniac deserves a lot more credit than they get. Here's the link.

etownone3322d ago

I keep reading comments about Uncharted one, as if it had the best graphics at the time.

If so, then how come games like Modern Warfare and Bioshock looked better and rated higher for graphics at the time?

Where are the best graphics awards for Uncharted?

How come respectable sites like IGN score it a 9.0 for graphics while Gears 1 and Modern Warfare scored a 10.

c'mon now you silly sony kids, cut this crap out already..... just cause you keep repeating something over and over again again, still doesn't make it true.

Greywulf3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Do you want to lie to me right now and tell me you think that Gears of war, on the UNREAL ENGINE, has better graphics than Uncharted?Same with COD4? And do you honestly think BIOSHOCK\GEARS looks better than KILLZONE2? OR Uncharted2?

Lie to me etown, I wanna see how deep delusion goes. I could care less what some fat kid at IGN says that accepts $800 dollar Halo Swag bags to review a game.

I wanna see YOU try to compare Uncharted to Gears graphically, and by the way.. there are a ton of links that already do it.The unreal engine is a joke when it comes to boasting visuals. All you can do is bring up a number, well I can bring video.

Uncharted1 has the best graphics of console games -at is time- only surpassed by Killzone2.I can prove this as a fact by askign you to find your best Gears screenshots, and your best cod4 screenshots, then comparing them.I know you wont, but it will be fun to watch none the less.

Its like you guys just ball up on the floor rocking back and forth saying "its not true its not true.. gears is graphics king!!!" Its no shock you guys are amazed by bloom.

So Etown,

Do you personally think that COD4/Gears has better graphics than Uncharted1? I wanna see this for myself.


I wanna see you say that link is a lie lol. I really do.

DaTruth3322d ago

On top of that their are graphical specs including polycounts and use of hi-res textures and transparencies that says Uncharted 1 tops Gears 2. Not to mention the infamous Gears 2, 2 Dimensional fire. Uncharted even makes fun of gears with their next gen filter, that turns the game all grey and brown.

These articles don't make sense; 360 fanboys will say it does whether it does or not. Even rational 360 owners are unlikely to admit the clear and blatant fact.

Are you guys gonna tell me that in four years, no dev ever decided to make a graphically top notch game, with your; "nobody has tried, but if they did they probably could".

Bits-N-Kibbles3322d ago

damn are they milking this franchise... Didn't they just have like 2 different ones come out this year?



uncharted 1 was not that great looking at all- cartoony as all hell.Lair was a better looking game in my opinion(better game as well and it sucked pretty good too) KZ2 is kinda cartoony too- as a matter of fact all ps3 games look kinda cartoony. I guess the ps3 is for kids.

jav09183322d ago

Compare a game still in Alpha stages to a game that has been complete! That's N4G for ya.

Unending Punishment3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

It will will shatter it. Guerrilla will be put to shame.

edit: disagree with this statement and then the opposite of my title is what you're agreeing to ;)

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guitarded773323d ago

Hahahahahahahahaha.... NO!

DK_Kithuni_713323d ago

..will match the graphical quality of Killzone 2. Will even be a tough one for PS3 games to match too.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a fantastic game in my view. A perfect 10/10 in my book. Great graphics. But even that game has not matched Killzone 2 in graphics. Killzone is truly second to none in graphics. The attention to detail is almost ridiculous.

Darkstorn3323d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. Killzone 2 is, and will continue to be, the reigning console graphics champion. Only Heavy Rain has a chance to dethrone it, IMO.

badz1493323d ago

the movements of the characters look 'plastic' or shall I say 'blocky'!

- when spinning his kid
- when he jumps in front of the car

the movement of characters in Uncharted 2 and KZ2 looks more natural and fluid IMO! I hope QD can improve on that matter by the time of release!

Alcon Caper3323d ago

They're so dissimilar. Halo is rich with bright colors, while KZ has a more apocalyptic atmosphere. I'd love to see the new engine in action. Really, that's the best and only way to make a valid comparison.

Chubear3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

We aren't talking about scenery we're talking about graphical fidelity. What, it's hard to see KZ2 totally slaughters Halo3 graphically cause the scenery is different? I don't understand that.

GT5 and Spec ops are two totally different genres but I can clearly see with my own eyes the graphics in GT5 are miles beyond those in Spec ops.

Also, Killzone 1 had a wide variety of colour palettes but it was a natural palette not something that looked like you opened up a box of fruit loops. KZ3 will have the same environments as KZ1 so expect to see the Edge Engine pwn.

StuffRokz3323d ago

is denying that Killzone 2 slaughters Halo 3 visually. anyone can see it does. i believe all Alcon is trying to say (i could be terribly wrong) is that we haven't seen the new engine in action so it's pointless to make graphical comparisons at this point in time. And even when we get that HD direct video, the different color styles may make it even more difficult to gauge which looks better.

if you're talking polygon counts or anti-aliasing or other technical terms, then yes it will be easy to tell when direct footage of Reach is out and there will be a right and wrong answer. but if you're talking about what people think look good just by looking at it, you're going to get more varied opinions because of their preference, and the question of 'which looks better' won't have such a straightforward answer when put in front of the average joe who knows nothing of AA or anisotropic filtering or Vsync or any of those other terms.

kinda went on my old tangent there lol. as for me, i think Killzone 2 was one of the best looking games i ever played, if a little lacking on the color palette, but since they wanted it to have that look it's all good. as for Halo Reach, i won't play it questioning whether it looks better than Killzone 2, i'm gonna see how much of an improvement it is over Halo 3.

DaTruth3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Not seeing a damn thing after 3 years of developing one of the most popular games of all time, should tell us something. Halo:Reach will sell ridiculous millions, they might feel that showing the game could only hurt their sales!

Killzone 2 created hype by showing the insane graphics it has! And please don't say it was overhyped, because the only hype was the graphics and if anything it was underhyped in that respect(nothing could prepare us for that).

I say, just get something of what made Halo:CE such a great game into this game and you can count on my purchase of Halo:Reach and a 360 console!

topgeareasy3323d ago

it won't beat uncharted 1

DonCorneo3323d ago

and failo will still be sub-HD

chrisulloa3323d ago

LOL it will, but even if it didn't it'd still be a thousand times better than that generic shooter KZ2.

Chubear3323d ago

Halo reach should really work on trying to matching Resistance3 before they talk about beating Infamous graphics..b4 the think of UC2's graphics but to go straight for KZ2 is a sure fire way to get you're arse whooped...hard.

PS3 exclusives are trying to get to KZ2's bench mark in graphics. To think a 360 in-house exclusive would even hope to try to match that is lala land thoughts.

What the hell as the 360 shown to make anyone think it is even remotely possible?

talltony3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

First of all I can almost guarrantee that it won't look anywhere near the graphical fidelity of killzone 2. And 2 how can you think killzone 2 is generic while a story about a power ranger shooting aliens isn't? Cry moar?

Upbeat3323d ago

how many fu*king articles and reports and all that sh*te must people write and talk about until the fu*king realise that the 360 HASNT GOT the power to run a game any where near killzone 2 ffs, its basic common sense if u know what your talking about, dont get me wrong they are both good systems, and halo is an epic game, but halo on xbox will nvr match the best of the ps3 exclusives grapicaly, and that fact, and if any1 knows the components of either system they will agree.

RedDragan3323d ago

KZ2 is anything but a generic shooter. For a start there was sixaxis control that was needed to actually complete tasks.

Secondly, the graphic fidelity of KZ2 is still relatively unmatched in any game, and that includes UC2, and this is the fluidity of the movement of all characters.

Seeing the Helghast run and slide behind a barrier was simply mind blowing, and the clarity of the suit moving to the shape of the body while doing so was a game coding masterpiece.

There is nothing on 360 that delivers as much action on screen as KZ2, yet alone gets anywhere near the graphical level of KZ2. In fact, I thoroughly believe the 360 is incapable of such a feat without burning out the internal hardware while trying to achieve it.

Halo is for kids, hence the crayon colours. KZ2 is for adults, and that is why it is grey... it is a warzone. If you want to know what a warzone looks like then go check out the photo's from the Israel and Palestine fights, they are all grey! It is supposed to be war, not a cartoon lol!

Realism beats colourful fantasy anyday!

54percent3322d ago

GIMMIEEE HALO : ROACHHHH!!!111 iz the only thing for bots to play

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alphakennybody3323d ago

Killzone 2 has something something that halo series doesn't have,that is immersion.With the realistic controls and the atmosphere combined in KZ2, no other fps make you feel like you're in a war bigger than yourself.

mal_tez923323d ago

Especially if you turn off all HUD

What does it for me is the feel of the guns. The shooting gameplay in Killzone 2 is way better than any other game. The feel while aiming and shooting makes it the most satisfying FPS ever.

The only bad things I can say is that guns are too weak and that you can't aim down the sight with the shotgun. Apart from that it is the greatest FPS ever.