PS3 Coffee Table

GeekyGadgets: Here is a cool design for a geeky coffee table from designer Stephane Perruchon.

The PS3 Coffee Table features two gigantic PS3 controllers for legs and a glass top, the giant controllers are made from ABS plastic and the decorated with PS3 buttons.

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wxer3032d ago

it dose everything you know

Hellsvacancy3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Ive found an alternative source with better pics - its not summin id like 2 own mind u

Saaking3032d ago

That table is awesome.

slipkoRn3031d ago

Looks like Kramer got some competition.

skatezero2463032d ago

i'd buy it for my game room

-Alpha3032d ago

Looks pretty nice. Would be nice if it included some PS3 game library shelf with a place to put your controllers/cables/accessories ... yeah I'll stop being a nerd now.

facelike3032d ago

But for enough money you can own anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.