New Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Screenshots

Naughty Dog has released 25 new screenshots for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, which is set to be released on the PS3 in Q4 2007.

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Ru4012d ago

Is going to be one big Title!


this looks nice cant wait.
pre ordered this ages ago.

anyone who saying its a tomb raider wannabe will be classed as a dope

Vojkan4012d ago

TOmb Rider is one of the most boring games i ever played. Story always sucks and Lara Croft(maybe not in new game for PS2 and Wii) looks like FREAK!

THC PRITCHARD4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

she has nice tits tho lol

no mate i get cha they can be boring
but i have seen a lot of people say u-d-f is a tomb raider wanna be
and that is not good

techie4012d ago

Lara can't do combat for Sh/t. But I love platforming and's my favorite part (GOW let me down in that area)

bluebrad19744012d ago

The gunplay in Tomb Raider is pretty weak. Gotta love the scale and platforming though.
Uncharted's gunplay looks to have alot more depth than Tomb Raider. What really stands out to me about Uncharted is the color palette.

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Vojkan4012d ago

I can only imagine how cool next Jak & Daxter is going to be.

vidoardes4012d ago

I heavily doubt there will be, Naughty Dog don't seam to like traversing thier games cross generation. Crash ABndicoot was thier PS1 app, Jak & Daxter was PS2, this is PS3

TruthHurts4012d ago

i`m pretty sure they be making another Jak game. e3 is coming up. but who knows?

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The story is too old to be commented.