Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Direct-Feed Developer Walkthrough

"Resident Evil fans are well aware of the series' collection of plot holes, oddities and all-around complexities in the storyline. Over the years, games like Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles have tied up many loose ends for the zombie-laden franchise. The upcoming Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, looks to continue the storyline repair work while giving Wii rail-shooter fans an improved experience over the previous Umbrella Chronicles. "

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zerocrossing3322d ago

cant wait for this one looks to be the best on rails games in a long time, plus it tells the story of my fave Rezi game Rezi 2 FTW

tidort3321d ago

i like this one. maybe i should try this when it comes out. I just finished resi 2 last week on wii (my ps3 broke) and it was awesome.

3321d ago
Shnazzyone3321d ago

Seeing as those differing paths are nothing more then different enemies and weapons and in no way effect the story I should be okay with playing through once or twice (depending on the quality of the story) and sending it back to gamefly. This is one Wii title that probably wont need any help to sell well. It's RE, it'll sell like crazy and make EA feel dumb for thinking Dead Space: extraction didn't sell because the audience for core titles isn't there. While EA keeps saying that Capcom will be making millions off the wii core in the next 6 months. If it isn't this title it's gonna Be tat vs capcom, or MH 3.

Venox20083321d ago

waiting for your new and good games :) (especially onimusha 5, tihs one and tatsunoko)