The Five Best And Worst Reasons to Make an iPhone MMO

STP writes: "Since the dawn of the Internet, people have been using it to play games. The idea of playing a game against friends not residing in the same room as you has long inspired coders to come up with unique ways to make this a reality. The genre blossomed with the release of Ultima Online, which is still played today by a dedicated niche of gamers. It entered the public consciousness with EverQuest, and it entered their lives with World of Warcraft.

With the iPhone, though, comes a new era of portable, online computing the likes of which we've never seen. Online cell phones game have existed, but never caught on in the same way. As games have become a prominent feature for the iPhone, it's inevitable that massively multiplayer online games will start to become more commonplace. The question, though, is whether or not this is a good thing, both for the platform and for our increasingly digital society. We endeavored to explore the best reasons why this trend should truly take off, as well as best reasons that the iPhone should sit this trend out."

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