EA Releases SKATE 3 Debut Trailer writes: "Electronic Arts has released the debut trailer for its upcoming SKATE 3. The third in the series, SKATE 3 will be released sometime in May of 2010. The trailer also features the caption, 'Team up, Throw down', in the title card along with the release month. Speculation indicates this is a sign to greater multiplayer..."

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elemnop3323d ago

EA is going to milk this franchise dry.

TooTall193323d ago

It seems like the visuals for SKATE get worse and worse too.

Megaton3323d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... whoa... ... whoa...

...there was a Skate 2?

Blaze9293323d ago

im seriously with you on that one.

Darkstorn3323d ago

Skate 2 was a very good game. This has large shoes to fill, and so far it looks like its going to fail...those graphics had better not show up in the game. Not to mention the atrocious dialogue...

SegaNerds3323d ago

Come on, I loved the first game's demo but I had to play it on mute. "That is sick, homie" and stuff like that is horrible. It just sounds like they are trying too hard and this looks exactly like the first one graphically.

Have yet to play 2.

FwanK3323d ago

Looks worse than the previous ones :S

iamgoatman3323d ago

I'd happily take a mild hit in visuals to have a stable 60FPS, something that Skate 2 had problems with.

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The story is too old to be commented.