PSBlog: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Creating the Trailer

Posted on Playstation Blog by Marcus Johansson // DICE Video Crew

"Goddag på er!

My name is Marcus "Noken" Johansson and I'm one of the guys working at the DICE Video Crew in Stockholm, Sweden.

We got some really cool stuff to show you from the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta map, Arica Harbor, but it isn't just a new trailer. It's actually something a little different. Usually when we create movies there's a lot of intense action which is always good, but this time we wanted to try something we haven't done before."

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Bloodshedder3325d ago

this game looks killer---

WildArmed3324d ago

yeah, the graphics look badass too :)
Man game quality seems to be on the rise once again! :)