NoobTalk: Top 9 things that should happen to gaming

This is in no particular order, just things that would be good:
- Creating a "Next Gen" Interactive Communication System
- Death to all Space Marines
- Lay off the Nazis
- The passing of Bobby Kotick
- More exclusives
- More mature themes
- More innovation in FPS games
- Less Star Wars

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kalebgray923298d ago

but heavy rain will take care of the mature themes .... and not just cusing and sex and gore... but stuff that matters

Lavalamp3298d ago

Less Star Wars? No! We still need Battlefront 3 and a sequel to Republic Commando. Also, something else we need is the ability to play PS2 games across all PS3 consoles and not just to the early adopters.

REALZILLA3297d ago

I think that game developers should take advantage of the systems as a single entity, like the Sega Genius/Super Nintendo days. I want a great game not a one off. Yes they have been doing better, but the they hold themselves to a standard of platform polarity.

reintype3297d ago

But the Power Rangers definitely has to go.

kraze073296d ago

Funny that you say more mature themes. IW through an extremely mature part into MW2 and look at all the b!tching going on. On another note, we can never have too much Star Wars. We just need less of this garbage Star Wars thats been coming out.