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gamesR4fun3203d ago

we should b seeing some 360 vs ps3 vids up soon

Godmars2903203d ago

Especially with 360 getting 1080p upscaling.

nbsmatambo3203d ago

looks soo good already + we start out with the full catalog :)

sikbeta3203d ago

NO! an article from "":

Netflix Service Video Comparison PS3 vs xbox 360 lol

It can't be more ridiculous XP

meepmoopmeep3203d ago

i wish we had Netflix in Canada :(

wxer3203d ago

well the PS3 now got it all

if you are in the US
you get blu-ray and netflix

world wide
you still got blu-ray

dragunrising3203d ago

I just got my disc in the mail just a minute ago! :-) I haven't tried it out yet but from what I could tell, its a DVD. It makes little sense to give out thousands of blu-ray discs when they could give out cheaper DVD's instead (considering that the disc isn't used for any more than communication between Netflix and PSN)

Elven63203d ago

Godmars290: upscaling? Where? Or are you talking about the 1080p streaming thing? (which is native)

Skip_Bayless3203d ago

You anime nerds. Show us some of the new releases for Drama, Horror, and Comedy. I don't care about anime it's fake.

kewlkat0073203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

This is not real

lowcarb3203d ago

I'm with John madden on the more content thing. Sure it takes time to grow but where the heck is my Dexter season 3 and new releases at least in the 1st few weeks?

Godmars2903203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Isn't the 360's streaming suppose to be going to 1080p depending on connection?

Called it upscaling since its suppose to downscale if you don't have a proper connection.

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Stevo353203d ago

Does anyone really want this? All the Netflix streaming videos are lame or really, really old. I will stick to PSN and have new movies.

Godmars2903203d ago

So you're going to spend $30 or more to watch one whole old anime series, or a flat $9 a month fee?

rCrysis3203d ago

I have never used Netflix before. But with this. I'm going to subscribe.

Question: the $9 subscription has unlimited streaming...right?

silverbeld3203d ago

yep, who cares.

Blu-ray is better.

meatnormous3203d ago

Yes 9.00 a month for unlimited streaming. I received my disk today in the mail. Watched the Big Lebowski and the quality was good. I used my 360 for netflix but now I don't have to pay a live membership to do it. I say give it a try before you judge netflix, it really is worth it.

YLOD Service Tech3203d ago

Bluray is soon nearing its death. DD is the future.

Theoneneo813203d ago

hey i saved my self 50 bucks on geting the office season 5 and i can watch any episode 1-4 any time i want to granted it doesnt have any outsdanding movies but this does get pretty good TV series also this season of Heroes also been adding Some MSKT 3000 episodes to so overall its ok not great but a plus to have if you have netflix.

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Stinger_2093203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

bots start to cry

Godmars2903203d ago

Unlimited. Use to use it though PlayOn, but they were raping me at $2 more for BR mailing, so I canceled. Not going back just for this.

dork07833203d ago

LOL you truly think bots will cry over this lol Wow your so lame.

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