Halo Reach : Spartan Laser Comparison

Gameshub writes " With the recent buzz of the leaked Halo Reach images on the internet, people have been left amazed by new weapons and mostly the graphics. Halo Reach is supposed to have been built by a so called " Triple AAA Engine ", Bear in mind the screenshots were taking off a phone, and the game on the screen is looking like a very old build, evident from the placeholder textures. To me if the gun details are that high even on a old build or alpha build, or even rumoured only 40% complete ( HipHopGamer Info ), this can truely be a graphical game to come. Look at the comparison below, the shaky and grainy footage seems better then Halo 3, Which is a in-game screenshot via the screenshot feature of Halo 3. Can Microsoft and Bungie finally deliver or surpass Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 quality on the Xbox 360? "

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wxer3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

"Can Microsoft and Bungie finally deliver or surpass Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 quality on the Xbox 360?"


hell to the no
there is only one way

and thats DX11
and boy oh boy thats imposable on the 360

maybe next gen

on topic
it looks almost the same

but don't you think its pointless to make such comparison

the game is not out yet
this is not the final build for sure
add to the the Pic is not HD or SD its off screen
it even maybe photoshoped

ABizzel13296d ago

Stop all the unnecessary hate. It looks a lot better. Still not up there with the best, but it's not mediocre by any means.

beardpapa3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

In the blogging community, it only takes one screenshot of a game, no, it only takes one segment of a screenshot to make people believe the game is better than anything else out there.

We haven't even seen any additional pics or actual video of this [other than shaky phone cam], and it's already beaten Uncharted 2 or KZ2 graphics. That's blogging community journalism for ya!


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GR8 13296d ago

Oviously the game looks better then Halo 3, the screenshot just shows and the Halo Reach screenshots were from a very old build, Halo Reach will be a graphical powerhouse. I can't wait to play the beta, sucks for people who did'nt buy Halo ODST. hahahaha

Pennywise3296d ago

If anything on the Xbox 360 turns out to be a "graphical powerhouse" I will go to the store and buy a 360.

Keep dreaming.

Greywulf3296d ago

maybe they can crack 600p?

nycredude3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )


Yeah I am a "droid", yet I also have a 360 and the underwelming last gen game Halo 3. Give me a break some of you 360 only owners think you are only allowed to have one console or something. Fact is however it doesn't take much to look better than Halo 3 (are you kidding me), which isn't even in FULL HD!

However good Reach turns out looking the only people who will be impressed will be 360 ONLY owners, cause people who either own both consoles or a Ps3 have been enjoy great graphics for a long while now.

STICKzophrenic3296d ago

You're such a fanboy nycredude.

I'm a dual console owner. I bought a PS3 for Killzone 2. I've played Uncharted and Uncharted 2, and you know what? Halo 3, while it isn't a graphical powerhouse like the games mentioned, it isn't bad at all, like a lot of people say. The lighting in Halo 3 is superb.

I've seen a lot of people complain about Halo's colorful and lush environments, yet they praise Uncharted 2 for it. Hmmm.

kevinx10003296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

"If anything on the Xbox 360 turns out to be a "graphical powerhouse" I will go to the store and buy a 360.

Keep dreaming."

cause, games are only good when they got the best graphics so far, right?

The Creep3296d ago

so much damage control

i think ps3 fanboys are really worrying about this game

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kaveti66163296d ago

Hey, do you put hot chick pics as your avatar because you cannot actually get chicks in real life? That's pathetic man

Godmars2903296d ago

If its a prequel, why does the Reach missile launcher look more advanced?

Be cool if its HUD can actually be used.

kaveti66163296d ago

That happens too often, where the developer for a game or a set designer for a film makes the prequel more futuristic than it should be. But I'm not complaining because I think of it as more of a retcon.

For example, Attack of the Clones has way more futuristic stuff than Return of the Jedi.

GR8 13296d ago

I knew the droids will comment, it shows they really care how this game turns out because they know and i know it will blow people away with it's visuals and have AAA quality gameplay.

General Jewels3296d ago

Halo Reach Beta will be the end for Sony, The graphics are looking supreb even with this fuzzy screenshots.

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