The Trouble with TimeSplitters

Stephen Gradwell of DarkZero writes "Back in December last year Free Radical Design employees arrived at work to find the doors locked, facing Christmas redundancy packages. A distress call was sent throughout the industry to help the bankrupt independent developers, and fans and industry boffins alike waited cautiously to see if anyone thought FRD was a tasty enough acquisition.

After a few desperate days Crytek confirmed a buy-out and FRD was renamed Crytek UK. And so the fans and industry boffins did a damage assessment, were Crytek the saviours of the beleaguered developers of the much hailed TimeSplitters series and the universally lambasted Haze?"

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monkey6023324d ago

A complete shame really.
If it was to turn out anything like the previous 2 it could have easily been my favourite game this generation

QuackPot3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

FR will never be forgiven for Haze.

I mean, did they have brain freeze or what?

The small team at Ninja Theory would have been a better buy after their excellent debut on the Ps3 with Heavenly Sword.

Crytek, you get what you paid.