GameSpot: DJ Hero Review

GameSpot writes: "A great tracklist and a solid new peripheral make DJ Hero a lot of fun to play, and the music is more likely to get your party going than that of most any other rhythm game. So how much would you pay for it? Games bundled with peripherals are naturally going to be more expensive, but with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $119.99, DJ Hero feels overpriced. It's a great game, but it costs as much as two great games, and though there are downloadable tracks lined up, there's no guarantee you'll be able to use the turntable in any other game. Yet despite the sizable cost, DJ Hero is an enticing purchase. It captures the thrill of spinning together hot songs to make an electrifying mix, and it's one show that fans of rhythm games will not want to miss. Just hope you can afford the cover charge."

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Karlnag33325d ago

I ordered mine today so should be here tomorrow thanks to Amazon Prime. Got it just coz MW2 is supposed to have been sent to me and was estimated to arrive today but did not. This'll give me something to do while I wait... Oh and incase anyone cares; I ordered the PS3 version for the now standard reason: I'M NOT PAYING FOR XBOX LIVE GOLD NO FCUKING MORE!