Sony Release PS3 Compatible Bluetooth Mouse

Sony has released a new Bluetooth laser mouse that can be used with the PS3 as well as their Vaio range of laptops.

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FrankFoxJaegar3323d ago

Awesome, I got a USB mouse and keyboard, but the my PS3 is really too far away to be able to use the mouse well.

gaffyh3323d ago

This actually looks pretty cool, but no way like a mouse

Xgamerzus3323d ago

exactly same here, This is sweet I hope there is a Keyboard as well.
The range on IR really sucks but BT is very acceptable!!

Trebius3323d ago

I have a wireless USB mouse/keyboard combo from like a charm.

Ven10003323d ago

wireless usb keyboard/mouse combo from Logitech. Works great. The S510 to be exact.

uie4rhig3323d ago

its called the PS3 Chatpad or w/e :P get it! you wont regret it !

ThanatosDMC3322d ago

I just wish the chatpad could go down in price so more people could get their hands on it. I hate waiting for funny messages 2-3 minutes after the stupid thing happened online.

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Caffo013323d ago

could buy it for FFXIV..

cyclindk3323d ago

As long as it doesn't cost one million...

One million what you ask?

One million anything.

Towers763323d ago

Seeing as Logitech makes a bluetooth mouse that works perfectly on the PS3. I routinely switch between using mine for my laptop and my ps3 and it works flawlessly.

Trebius3323d ago

I'll plug the wireless usb to my ps3 when I need to, then switch it to my PC when im done.

ZBlacktt3323d ago

"No game control available"

O_o As soon as they come around to making one for games. That will be EPIC win. The Frag X seems to be so hit and miss with gamers. But mouse aiming will greatly increase everyone game. I would SO buy one.

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The story is too old to be commented.