Dear Sony: Speed Up Those PSPgo Release Dates

Wired: People who own older versions of Sony's PSP have been playing Dissidia: Final Fantasy for months.

I for one didn't like Dissidia very much, so maybe it's their loss. But early adopters who grabbed the PSP Go when it came out on October 1 have had to wait until Thursday to nab the Square Enix fighting game, which can be downloaded via the PlayStation Network for $40.

Good, but not fast enough.

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Greywulf3323d ago

Hurry up so we can complain about how expensive it is!

Handhelds_FTW3323d ago


Dissidia wasn't on the PSN at launch so the GO is a complete fail.

Next, people will be crying about how you can get it cheaper on UMD and how the GO fails because of that.

People seriously need to get over this game. A match of rock, paper, scissors has more depth than Dissidia.

Da One3323d ago

its up to the publishers...........