How private investigators tracked down a Modern Warfare 2 pirate

VentureBeat tells the story of how private investigators used the Internet trail of cyber thieves to track down a pirate who got hold of early disks for Modern Warfare 2, the biggest game of the year.

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TheHater3326d ago

How can someone be a pirate for having the disk early? The purchase the game at retailers that broke the street date. Does these idiot know what it means to pirate software?

Elven63326d ago

Didn't you read the article? They stole a crate of MW2 stuff and,

A. Were selling it (this in itself can cause trouble for the sellers)
B. Buyers and possibly sellers were planning on pirating the game

If you have something you stole and plan on selling it that is illegal, if you are a buyer and you buy something that is stolen but don't know it was stolen you won't get in trouble. Everyone here knew it was stolen and even talked about publicly pirating the game once they bought it.

LONEWOLF2313326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )


That man is selling a legal copy of MW2!
For all you know he got it the legal way but since its not suppose to be released till the 10th we will just make up a stupid story so we can detain him and pacify the masses.

SO there you have it, They (according to them) broke open a crate and "STOLE" the item.

joydestroy3326d ago

and if you read even further, the article says that the dude was making pirated copies of the game and selling them. he deserved to be caught because he was stupid. an email addy used matched a facebook account lol. how dumb can you be, really???

Montrealien3326d ago

Having the copy early and playing it is not a problem, profiting from it is. I know, I am in the business, I can play the game all I want if I recieve it early, as long as I don;t sell it, or go and rip it to pirate it.

I am glad they caught the f***er, I hate thieves.

Killjoy30003326d ago

Why does it seem that just because this is such a high profile game and that they're cracking down on it strictly because of the significance of the brand in the industry? Did Activision just send a bunch of ninjas out there? I'm pretty sure these "private investigators," couldn't give a hoot if these guys got Two Worlds early. Jesus christ, I cannot stand it when a game stands strictly on hype alone. It's like a form of advertising, and the strongest at that.

Word of mouth will push this game over 10 million units for sure.

ReBurn3326d ago

TheHater clearly didn't read the article. There were people who admitted to stealing bundles that they tried to sell on Craigslist. And the one dude was in business with an underground hologram maker and was making pirate copies of the game that looked like legit copies.

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the worst3326d ago

i have a pirate copy come get me

Gandalf3326d ago

This is the day you will always remember as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!

dkblackhawk503326d ago

Perfect quote for this article.

Bloodshedder3326d ago

i get the joke, but its not even funny, good attempt though

PoisonedTea3326d ago

I'm confused. Why would Gandalf refer to himself as Captain Jack Sparrow?

....I'm lolling all over the place :)

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3326d ago

I'm sick and tired of the The Man cracking down on honest thieves like the one in this article.

All the planning, all the dry runs, the blood, sweat and tears that go into swindling these big corporations, just to make out with enough money to pay for next months Porsche payment...

I miss not having any self respect or values... I'd be ridonkulously rich right now...

Of course I'd probably be serving a few years in the pen for unrelated incidents...

kaveti66163326d ago

Capitalism allows businessmen to be thieves in a legal function.

My mother needed to have an ambulance come and pick her up and take her to the hospital after she got Salmonella poisoning. The hospital was only 3 miles from the apartment. Do you know how much they charged her for just that ambulance ride? $951.00 These people who steal games, I frown upon their behavior, but you know what? I feel less anger towards them than I do at the fat cats who think they can charge one grand for an ambulance ride.

ReBurn3326d ago

It isn't capitalism that causes that ambulance ride to be so expensive. Capitalism implies that there's competition for her business, which more often than not isn't. That ambulance is more than likely a function of your local government, much like firemen and police officers. If it was a private ambulance service and not one dispatched by an emergency call to a 911 operator then caveat emptor.

Anything medical is expensive mostly due to the people who pay their medical bills having to pay for the people who don't.

kaveti66163326d ago

Sure Reburn. When people call 911 in my state they don't get an option to be picked up by a private bus or a government funded one. And Capitalism gives people the right to charge whatever they want for their services as long as their prices remain competitive and their customers remain willing and able. So my mom is able to pay the bill (even though we're lower middle class), and at the time when she was throwing up and was afraid she was going to die, she was willing to pay whatever cost to get to the hospital. That's how capitalism in the healthcare INDUSTRY works. If you think Capitalism is not to blame, then good for you. I'm not trying to convince anyone that it sucks overall. But it does have negatives, just like every other economic system. Look at who's complaining about universal healthcare and look at who's a proponent of it. It's pretty cut and dry.

M_Prime3325d ago

i'm glad i'm in canada, an ambulance ride here is like $90, and the rest is paid by the government and my work has benifits too so they pay the $90. i don't understand why some americans are against universal healthcare, yes the taxes go up a bit but when you get sick you don't worry about how much it will cost you or if you can even afford to see the dr. I just go.. recently my dad spent about 3 to 4 months in the hospital and when he came out they sent a nurse out and gave him all the supplies he needed for in home care. i don't think we paid a penny for anything and he was in intensive care for a good majority of the time with a nurse watching him 24/7

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FantasyStar3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

This basically proves what idiot pirates are if they USED FACEBOOK.

I said this time and time again. Social apps like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace reveal far too much info when used recklessly. 2 things the pirate could've done to avoid this.

1. A Buyer on Craigslist who offers more than asking price is clearly a flag to be wary about.
2. Using Facebook or any social app in conjunction with known Craigslist aliases is asking to get caught.

Only the idiot pirate got caught. The real ones are still at large. I like this last part. "When you use the Internet, you always leave tracks somewhere.”"

-Yeah? If that's so then why are hackers still at large? I'll tell you. Oh wait, no I won't. =D

Redempteur3326d ago

maybe it wasn't a real pirate ?

This moves was just to dissuade people who leak things early ... but it won't have much effet i'm afraid .. all 360 games came before the release date won't stop this easily ..

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