Planet Xbox 360: MagnaCarta 2 Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "I want to begin and state I'm disappointed with MagnaCarta 2. As an avid critic of story-lines and plot structure for video games, it's truly sad to see the final results of MagnaCarta 2. In one fell swoop, Softmax, the developer, included every role-playing game cliché in one package. It's as if they went down the checklist and crossed every cliché they could. Is there an amnesiac lead-character, check. Lead character is off to extract revenge after the death of their mentor, check. Over time, the lead character finds out that only they have the special power to claim victory? Check. Let me introduce you to Juto, our hero for MagnaCarta 2 who unknowingly has been cast in one of the most trivial RPGs of 2009. The original MagnaCarta wasn't the popular kid its class from the PlayStation 2 era; no, it was somewhat of a misfit that had a small following of fans. Now, back for a second go-around, Softmax has delivered a shallow cookie-cutter RPG for the Xbox 360 that has odd design choices and art."

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