First Modern Warfare 2 pre-orders arrive

MCV: With the global release of Modern Warfare 2 still four days away the very first legitimately bought copies of Activision's shooter have begun landing on doormats – and it appears to be customers of The Hut who have got lucky.

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Alcon Caper3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I have a strange feeling that my preorder won't be there when I get there...

btw, how late is gamestop open for a midnight release?

Bloodshedder3297d ago

i want a web leak for the PC...

kevinx10003297d ago

were's mine, were's mine?

Gish3296d ago

Damn I love Pizza Hut...

ThanatosDMC3296d ago

Me too. Try the cheesy bread. It's not the bread sticks.

Cant believe some people are willing to pay $150 for the game.

the_union_of_PS3603296d ago

but damn you amazon for being so cool and giving me credit to get me a battlefield bad company 2 pre-order! and 11-10-09 shut up and don't send me meassages while i play some campaign!!!!

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