Should Nintendo release a Wii HD?

The idea of an HD-capable version of the red-hot Wii-well, the formerly red-hot Wii, anyway-has been kicked around for a couple of years now, but so far, no dice, and the boss of Nintendo's U.S. operations recently slammed the door hard on the idea in a recent interview.

So I turn to you, Wii aficionados, and ask: Should Nintendo make a Wii HD? Would Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and the various Mario epics be more fun if they were in HD? Or are you perfectly fine playing the Wii in SD? Sound off below.

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Stevo353329d ago

Look at the graphics! Would the 16 colors look better in HD, not really.

GWAVE3329d ago

The casual gamers who buy the Wii clearly don't care about the graphics, so why should Nintendo care?

I know that hardcore Nintendo fans are desperately clinging to the hope that Nintendo will love them once again, but it ain't gonna happen.

ChickeyCantor3328d ago

" The casual gamers who buy the Wii clearly don't care about the graphics, so why should Nintendo care? "

Its called marketing, you can make them care, thats the beauty of luring people in.

reintype3329d ago

The thing is the WII have been successful because of 2 things, AFFORDABILITY, and UNIQUENESS for it's time, because of MOTION CONTROLS.

The jump to HD and whatever NINTENDO does include in its next console like Blu-ray as the rumor says, will bump its price point, affecting its AFFORDABILTY. If the next-gen wii is not AFFORDABLE, Nintendo will have problems attracting casuals.

Next is it's UNIQUENESS, which is now been shrouded in doubt. It's no secret, that both MS and SONY are prepping their own version of motion controls, so by the time the next Nintendo console arrives, it is not going to have the Motion Control market all on it's own.

I think Nintendo is currently facing a dilemma, and I believe they know this as well.

EvilTwin3329d ago

The way this is phrased makes it sound like just hot rodding the Wii to make it capable of outputting in HD. If Nintendo releases some sort of add-on for HD, it would be useless. The console is plenty capable of making good looking games in 480P like Corruption and Galaxy and Tri. And high-def isn't needed for Wii Sports or Wii Fit.

HD without a commensurate hardware bump in everything else wouldn't be Earth shattering.

Nintendo will simply need a new console altogether that won't be recognizable under the hood as being like the Wii.

That's not to say they need it now. 2011 or 2012, sure.

Samus HD3328d ago

I have a Wii and a like it very much./';' but HD Will be great .,., I think of course Yes Wii HD will kick PS3 360 out for sure

madjedi3328d ago

A non existant console in hd with no games, will kick out the ps3/360 that already have a ton of good games that have been in hd from the get go, care to explain that logic.

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