Blue Toad Murder Files Eurogamer Expo Interview

Gary A Swaby of writes: At the Eurogamer Expo we got the chance to hook up with Relentless Studios (who make Buzz for the Playstation 3), and check out their new game Blue Toad Murder Files. Blue Toad Murder Files is a very unique looking murder mystery game which will be available on the Playstation Network exclusively this December. The game will consist of six episodes, which in total will accumulate over 90 puzzles, Whodunnits', and cross-examinations.

Below I have a fantastic interview with Jade Tidy who represents Relentless Studios, we had a video version but it was ruined due to noise from the expo. So I have worked hard at writing the interview out for all you fans out there. Also check out the artwork from the game, and thanks again to Relentless Studios.

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