Gears of War 2 - Triple XP Event

GB writes: "Well if double experience events just isn't enough for some of you, Gears of War 2 is celebrating it's first anniversary by holding a triple XP event. The event starts today, November 6th and will run for 9 days, ending on Monday, November 16 at 9 AM EST. Additionally..."

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williamkenny3243d ago

Time to take Gears off the dusty shelf!

gameseveryday3243d ago

what do u mean by dusty shelf? the game is still one of the best this gen has to offer! :)

williamkenny3243d ago

I kinda got bored of it after a few months, but I went back to it recently what with all the XP events.

Ziriux3243d ago

He means he hasn't played it for months and it collected dust, not too hard to understand lol

SullyDrake3243d ago

I bought it on sale but never ended up getting around to it. Now is the perfect chance to dive in.

edhe3243d ago

Yeah, wondering how fast i can get my lvl25 cheev..from lvl23. Public game will probably make it easy.

BRG90003243d ago

Sweet, been wanting some of the achievements that go with leveling up, but I get obliterated by all the people on there who play this game constantly. This makes it feel worth my time (from an achievement whore perspective).

corneliuscrust3243d ago

I still rock gears more than almost any other game. For all the bugs, this game is still so much fun to play, it's crazy

Ghostsmoker3243d ago

yep, right ... one of the best games this gen and the best shooter of this gen - no doubt. The campaign is awesome.

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gameseveryday3243d ago

I wish I could have been there :(

TheGrimBunny3243d ago

EPIC sure is not shy with XP events especially since they just had a halloween double XP event.

gameseveryday3243d ago

I agree that the single player does get boring after some time, but the MP is a blast, did u played geow2?

williamkenny3243d ago

I did, but I quickly moved on to CoD 4. It was more my kind of thing.

corneliuscrust3243d ago

gears is really good for when you're in the kind of mood to fire thousands of rounds into giant lumbering beasts...

but when you're in that kind of mood... damn is it ever good times

TheGrimBunny3243d ago

i personally like gears of war 1 multiplayer better than GOW2. it's less buggy and more fast paced.

dirthurts3243d ago

Like GOW2 is faster paced...
but then again I always play Anex and King of the HIll, which has respawns.

StanLee3243d ago

Same. I only play objective game types. Submission, Annex and King of the Hill.

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The story is too old to be commented.