Rumour: Tales of Vesperia Coming to Nintendo Wii

Split-Screen: "First, XBox 360 owners were treated when Namco-Bandai's Tales of Vesperia released on the system, and this certainly helped bolster the console's presence in Japan due to it's exclusivity. Then PS3 owners got the royal treatment, plus additional content, when Vesperia was announced to be on it's way to Sony's console in time for Christmas. We don't quite know what Wii gamers were expecting, given that Tales of Graces was already announced for the console, but a blog post by a Vesperia voice actor indicates they could be in for more."

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Emily3326d ago

its not rumor. its fact.

ZoidsRaven3326d ago

Can you prove that?
Just a question.

n4f3326d ago

maybe they will bundle it with the other one for wii so that you have 2 game on one box

kira423326d ago

I call BS this game would be ruined if it was put on the Wii i mean seriously why take a game thats rendered in 720p and drop it to 480p then remove all the extra content put in the ps3 version of the game. it would a worse version then the 360s.

Cheeseknight283326d ago

Would be hilarious if this was a sequel to Vesperia.