Valve: 360 Community Head and Shoulders Above PS3

Left 4 Dead project lead Chet Faliszek has said the 360 community is "head and shoulders above the PS3", and that's why the multiplayer-focused Left 4 Dead series isn't on Sony's console.

Speaking to CVG Faliszek said the community aspects of the PC and Xbox platforms "really fit" Left 4 Dead - so it's not coming out on PS3.

"Right now for Left 4 Dead 2 we're looking at PC and 360 because the community aspects really fit the game - it's all about playing with your friends," he said.

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ezcex3324d ago

Even though I dislike most of Valves games, they are right on this matter.

The_Darkest_Red3324d ago

I like Valve's games, they are solid. Having said that, these guys make some of the lamest excuses I have ever heard for not developing a game on a certain platform.

Darkeyes3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

So now these @ssholes blame the PS3 community as the reason L4D2 not being on it what CRAP.. You guys went on record saying PS3 is too difficult for you'll to develop.... Don't blame the lack of 'talent' on the PS3 community.. Frankly speaking no one cares about L4D2 on the PS3. The game can be even experienced on a middle to low spec PC, so no great fuss about losing it on the PS3 as the game is made for PC....

But seriously Valve, if you aren't developing on the PS3 then just STFU and mind your own business. We don't want some crap filthy reason taken from Gabes fat @ss.... It's not as if we are crying here for L4D2... So again... Mind your own business.

@Below: According to latest numbers, ODST sold 1.8 million till date and Uc2 sold 1 million in first week (so both might be on par as UC2 landed later)... Stop using VGSh!t in giving numbers as they always blow stuff (Ps3 still is at 25 million at VGZ when Sony officially gave a 27 million figure).... and remove that 'SUPPOSEDLY' after Uncharted 2... It IS the best single player campaign as a TPS.

deadreckoning6663324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Regardless of what PS3 fanboys say, Valve's right. The 360 online community does spend more money and most of them use mics(mostly due to the fact that the 360 comes with a mic).

Plus the 360 community supports their exclusives better:

Halo:ODST(called an "expansion pack" by PS3 fanboys)- 2 million sold on day one.

Uncharted 2(supposedly "the best single-player campaign ever that nothing on the 360 can compare to)- 300,000 copies sold on day one.

Anyone else see a HUGE contradiction here? I only game on the PS3, but I KNOW that Live is better from countless bouts of COD4 ive had at friends houses. The only reason I don't game on Live is because I don't feel Live is worth 50 bucks a year. PSN DOES have the better value, but Live IS better.

Edit: Whatever u say Darkeyes, didn't mean to anger you...I say "supposedly' cause I haven't played U2 myself yet. I'm happy YOU enjoyed the game though.

ThanatosDMC3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Apparently, people who play on the PSN doesnt have any friends?! I have 12 IRL friends then there's everybody else. I just delete those that start spamming me with chain messages.

Cold 20003324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Lol not so sure about that.

360 owners and PS3 owners are pretty much the same demography hence why some of the best selling games on both consoles are almost exactly the same games when u take away the exclusives: Modern Warfare, GTA4, Assasins Creed, Fallout 3, Oblivion, Madden etc etc.

So its a pretty lame excuse.

Darkstorn3324d ago

Are you kidding me? Xbox Live is full of racists, homophobics, and little kids screaming their heads off. I've only had one bad experience on PSN and that was while playing Killzone 2 without a headset and some guy started shooting his mouth off right when my mom walked it was mainly my fault.

cRaZyLeGs 933324d ago

I think its also because they made a bad game for the PS3. I wouldn't blame them for not wanting Left 4 Dead on PS3.

legendkilla3324d ago

these guys really need to STFU!!! make a decent game then someone might care about what you say...

Darkstorn3324d ago

That's because the 360 comes with mics. I agree that the PS3 should also include one, but it's really not that big a deal.

GWAVE3324d ago

Yeah, Valve would say that, because the 360 community is definitely head and shoulders above the PS3 community when it comes to...

- buying expensive DLC that is free on other platforms
- accepting crappy graphics
- buying rehashes of games they already own

raztad3324d ago

Valve is so lame. Why to make excuses and blame on "the community"? STFU and keep doing what you want to do. Geez

presto7173324d ago

STFU about the ps3. Its fine you don't develop for us. You know what, WE DON'T NEED YOU!!. Just leave us alone, okay?

paul03883324d ago

OK, I may use Steam for all of my PC gaming purchases, but seriously, this company is full of fanboys.

IF THIS WAS 2007, IT WOULD BE MILDLY ACCEPTABLE. It's 2009, the PS3 has come a long way, but they seem to be stuck in the past as it shows with their ignorance... Just like every other PS3 hater.

Shame on you Valve...

JsonHenry3324d ago

I game on both the 360 and the PS3. While they both offer similiar features, I feel that the 360 does a better job with its online features.

Much better friends data, the ability to see where the player is doing/level they are on by simply using the dashboard, the ability to join games through the dashboard, cross game chat, EVERYONE has a mic on the 360.. but then again you do PAY for it, so it better have some advantages over the PSN.

Motion3324d ago

"The 360 online community does spend more money"
Of course they do. An average of about $50 a year more :p

Hellsvacancy3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Does Valve honestly think us Ps3 owners REALLY REALLY REALLY want there games on the Ps3? coz if they do - HAHAHAHAHA on them

Admittedly i would like 2 play Half Life 2 but i shall buy a new laptop b4 years end and get it 4 that

Perjoss3324d ago

people don't like what Gabe has to say about the ps3, but there are tons of multiplats looking better on 360 to back up what he said about the ps3 being hard to develop on.

frostypants3324d ago

They are entitled to their opinion in regards to online communities, however highly questionable it may be.

However, to claim this as the reason for not porting it is typical Valve garbage. There is a ton of money to be made on the PS3 that they are leaving on the table, so the relative online communities is an utterly irrelevent concern.

Can't these conceited blowhards just admit that they don't know how to program for the PS3? They are locked down to the PC model and don't want to be bothered to learn a new scheme. It's obvious and they are being disingenuous as all hell about it. Their egos won't allow them to admit what everyone else can clearly see.

Just like they have become overly comfortable cranking out derivative (though high quality) FPS games, they have become overly comfortable in their development environment. They fear change.

mastiffchild3324d ago

Look at that freak! With him and Gabe they have some ugly dudes at the old Valve offices!

Anyway I'm sick of being lied to by the industry this week after IW's PC excuses BS and won't take it off Valve as well.

They SHOULD put L4D1 and 2 on PS3 as it could ve a lot better than what it is on 360. The support PSN offered for UT3 could be given to it and MS, as Valve know, just won't allow mods and stuff on the 360(nothing for free) which makes L4D on 360 a sheer waste of your time esp as you have to pay more for it too!

If you can't get it on your PC don't ge it. I have it for both and, rest assured, the 360 game never coes out of it's box while I often play on PC to this day as there's real support on that platfrm-which Sony might have allowed but MS won't on console. It's a shadow of the PC exerience and just not worth buying-Valve suport it as it's lots of cash for zero effort for them and should say so. It certainly isn't about "community" as they do nothing, or allowed to do nothing to create one on 360. Annoys the hell out of me and if it was to come to PS3 in the same form it is on 360 I'd still say it was crap by comparison.Just more lies for gamers.

Sez 3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

- buying expensive DLC that is free on other platforms= YEAH sure we do.i guess you know what people buy. guess thats one of the reason why sonyfans be crying about MS paying for exclusive DLC. and yet you guys pay real money for fake funiture and clothes in home. when it's free on other plat-forms

- accepting crappy graphics= i rather have crappy graphic then lame gameplay. thats just me.

- buying rehashes of games they already own= GoW 1&2 says hi.

ABizzel13324d ago

This is so much BS.

"Right now for Left 4 Dead 2 we're looking at PC and 360 because the community aspects really fit the game - it's all about playing with your friends."

Why in the hell do we have a friends list on PSN. If it's not to play with your friends then I don't know what it's for. This is complete BS. I play Left 4 Dead all the time, and even though the 360 comes with mics, there have been many a time where I've play with numerous amounts of people who don't use the mic, so that cuts out the mic issue. Not to mention most of the people who have mics on XBL are annoying 10 year olds, or people who get on and talk shigady the whole game, so what's the point of mics besides talking shigady back and forth.

XBL mic usage 75%
PSN mic usage 40%

XBL shigady talk 80%
PSN shigady talk 30%

It makes you glad that everyone doesn't have a mic all the time (I love the mute button as well).

What else is there then.

Cross game chat. If so that's complete BS if someone's going to play a specific game, their going to play it. Send them a message to their X-Media bar, and go on about your business. Cross game chat is a convenience and nothing more.

This is another excuse from Valve, and frankly I think it's an attempt to sway the 360 audience more since, they know they won't be developing for the PS3. And it's wise not to develop for the PS3 at this point, because Valve will be bashed out of this world by PS3 gamers for all the BS they spread over this gen.

The community excuse is pure BS, Valve just don't want to come out of pocket and make the PS3 version. Valve may as well be a 1st or 2nd party studio for MS.

Before all the hate comes about why is it not fair for Valve to make 360 exclusives, but it's ok for Insomniac.

A: Because Insomniac doesn't talk shigady about why they don't make games for the 360. They just up and say their PS exclusive. Whereas Valve "I'm to fat, cheap, and lazy to make a PS3 game so I'm gonna talk shigady about. That's why PS3 gamers get riled up.

But once again it's good to have both systems, but I stand up for what is right, and Valve was wrong once again for the BS their spreading.

Ironmantrunx3324d ago

Whine, complain, whine. It's all they ever do, they need to grow up, and if things are too difficult just let it go. Hopefully someone will eventually buy them out, and make them learn something new, but till then I got plenty of other games to use my money on.

wxer3324d ago

well they did hate the PS3 from the get go
by the way where is gabe ??
oh here he is

GrandTheftZamboni3324d ago

So Valve now cares about gamers experience, and not about profit? So, why single out PS3 gamers? They are hopeless fanboys.

SL1M DADDY3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

It's called COD: World at War - Nazi Zombies. Much more fun and guess what? It works flawlessly on the PSN - FOR FREE!

And on another note... WHERE THE HECK IS HALF LIFE 2: EPISODE 3?!!! Come Valve, get off your arses and get it on!

Persistantthug3324d ago

To this day I play GTA 4 Online (I love GTA RACING), and I am able to party up with my friends at anytime. WHY? Because I the game was designed to do that. Obviously if the game is designed to have a party up or "add friends to game" option, then what's the problem?

Jaces3324d ago

I have friends, I play online with friends.

What's he trying to say again?

DaTruth3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

PS3 owners actually have real life friends and so they don't care to make friends online.

So technically, there is some truth to this. But it is a compliment!

Nothin' I hate more than an online "begfren"!(begs for friends)

slayorofgods3324d ago

what does the 360 dandruff community have to do with anything.

gaffyh3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Valve must be the dumbest developer around. How stupid can they be? They are constantly putting the PS3 down, pissing off almost 30 million PS3 owners.

What happens now if they release a game on PS3 that's actually good (i.e. works unlike Orange Box) then? No one buys it because of their stupid snide comments.

No doubt they make some great games, but learn how to play the PR game or STFU valve!

Why o why3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Jamaican term

anyhow ive only made a few friends online. I prefer normal methods IF any.

Killjoy30003324d ago

How can Valve overgeneralize an entire community of people? These guys are almost as outlandish as Turned 10. I cannot believe the audacity some people have to make a final judgement on one quality of millions of people.

This statement is just narrow-minded and ignorant. The stupidity present is irreprible.

Xgamerzus3324d ago

Valve is lucky to have PC360 as the new low beduget PC gamer base ,very lucky!!
If MS had decided to go the proprietary console route like Sony's Cell PS3 then Valve would most likely being doing bad ports on both systems and not even stand a chance against first party devs who own the Consoles..And PC's gaming for Vale would of bankrupted them!!
They should be grateful That Nintendo didn't go that route as well..
Im sure a 8 core specialized Wii with Hard drive and 512 Ram and 50GBps GPU would of doomed MS and left Sony in 2nd,.
And PC's in dead last.
BUt we didn't see this..
We have idiots that got to 360 for PC gaming not knowing that the games are all PC games FPS FPS FPS FPS made for Mouse and keyboard..
Sad Valve is gonna loose eventually to ID and Epic and Crysis etc in terms of tech cause they market too much and have not talent.

VALVE engine looks dated...cob webs..

dreamcast3324d ago

'"Right now for Left 4 Dead 2 we're looking at PC and 360 because the community aspects really fit the game - it's all about playing with your friends," he said.'

I didn't know I couldn't play with my friends on my PS3. You learn something new every day!

Anon19743324d ago

All I can think of is this guy has never played on a PS3. That's the only reason I can think of that he'd make such a confused statement.

Anyone have any idea where there guy is coming from. I can't even comprehend what he's getting at having used both XBL and PSN extensively over the years. What on earth could he be referring to?

sikbeta3324d ago

I sound better to say they don't want to make a game for PS3, instead of say an stupid excuse IMO, honesty is better

Foliage3324d ago

Seeing as Steam is the biggest POS out there, what does this clown know?

Whitefox7893324d ago

*looks at PSN Friends List*

Hmm I wonder what these guys are?

pixelsword3324d ago

Valve will be eating a lot of crow.

DelbertGrady3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I don't think PSN shares the same level of user activity as Xbox Live. Even though I know many of you want Sony to be best at everything and "M$" to always be bad and fail, the online part is something the 360 is prominent in this gen.

Think about it, how come Sony never release any numbers for PSN activity? Because it would look good in comparison to MS numbers? Nah.

kws10653324d ago

does Valve blame the other while all the causes come from their lazy ass?

ultimolu3324d ago

...I lol'd.

*shakes head at Valve*

jadenkorri3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

as a big fan of Half life, it disappoints me that a company makes such lame excuses not to develop for another console, of course the ps3. Both fanboy sides have either defended valve or accused them of being lazy of the sort. I laugh when 360 fanboys point out that sonys exclusive devs like Naughty Dog, guerrilla games and sucker punch didn't produce them on 360. Its really easy to point out thou that those companys have not come out and said the 360 is too hard to program for, or better yet the 360 community is not strong enough for their game. Valve has become arrogant just like sony was when the ps3 launched, but they could at least have the respect of at least saying they don't want to produce for the ps3 and not try to cover it up with lame excuses. Valves arrogance is costing them money with the lame excuses and constant hatred of the ps3. I will enjoy L4D 2 the same way I enjoyed the first one, on my PC, pirated, as i will enjoy the rest of their games until they make games for the ps3 or at least have the balls to admit they just don't want to program for the ps3 or admit having an exclusive contract with MS.

BTW valve, ask any manager who keeps coming up with excuse after excuse for not completing something on time or forgot to do, what happens to that person....

Sub4Dis3324d ago

Valve doesn't "go around" trash talking ps3. you see, there this is thing out there called journalism. and within the journalism community there are these people called journalists. and's their job to get news for their respective companies. they do this by conducting interviews with various members of the gaming community. and one of the things they often do during an interview is ask questions. and often those questions may sound like this. "how do you feel about developing for whatever?" and then the interviewee will respond with their views on the subject.

i know this is very hard to understand, took me years to grapple with the concept.

so valve doesn't "go around," they are asked. and they answer these very difficult questions with difficult answers.

and as for the comment, they are right. i play UC 2 for about 1-2 hours each night and ppl rarely have mics. and when they do have them, they are complete elitist jerks who freak out at the mere mention of a flaw in a ps3 game or a praise toward a 360 game. and yes, they are also occasionally racists, often foul mouths, and rarely ever nice, collaborative players. it would be a chore to find 3 nice, fun ppl to play a game that depends heavily on cooperation on the playstation network.

i own both systems, but this year i have def spent more time on psn than live. but on this issue, it's not really debatable. not with facts anyway. the problem is, on both sides, gamers (along with sports fanatics, religious freaks, etc..) just have really mundane lives and they need to champion something to make them feel like their lives have meaning, so they rally behind something much like a religion or ideology. unfortunately, just like in religion, people really lack the ability to be objective and so they only see what they want to see...especially if they only own one system. in the case of those of us who own both, we can see the night and day difference between the online communities. i'm not saying psn is bad, just saying it's trailing behind live by a considerable measure.

NoBias3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Even you PS3 fanboys ADMITTED it a week or so back in a thread about "Should Sony Package Headsets". Most all of you said "No, I only use my headset if a friend is online and never any other time." The PS3 community doesn't show team work through strangers at all...

The only game that does exhibit this is the SOCOM community where it's pretty much required that you own a mic or you'll get kicked out of the game from other players. Hence why it's only 1 of 2 multiplayer games I play on my PS3 (SOCOM and Uncharted 2 - even tho people don't talk on that either...) Besides that, it's single player campaigns on PS3 for me.

Other than that, playing any multiplayer PSN game online is barren, dry and communication-free. How you all can sit here and lie saying that it isn't is absolute BS. L4D is a serious team-work game and it takes communication to beat the levels. Most PS3 fanboys wouldn't know that but "claim" they know L4D. If you don't work together, you will die.

So yes, I agree, PC and 360 community are more geared towards games that take team work. A lot more hardcore players choose 360 because of this. Playing shooters without comm's is called casual play. I'm a hardcore multiplayer-gamer so when I encounter people without mics on PSN, it pisses me off. Stick to single player campaigns if you don't plan on communicating. You mess it up for everyone else.

DaTruth Writes:

"PS3 owners actually have real life friends and so they don't care to make friends online."

EDIT: I see...

vhero3324d ago

Why cant they just admit they cannot make games on anything but a PC? Before you say 360 it's basically a weak ass PC in a box but dedicated to games and trash social crap so that's why its easy to develop games for. If you can do PC games then 360 games should be easy. They are nothing but a bunch of lazy devs that's why they got EA to do Orange Box for them.

DaTruth3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

"PS3 owners actually have real life friends and so they don't care to make friends online."

Sorry, forgot to put the j/k after my comment.

More of a jab at his statement than 360 owners! I don't care if the fanboys take it as a jab!

@Nobias: I didn't say that other stuff you wrote! And the apology was made before I read your comment. We take these little jabs at each other all the time; Don't take it so personally!

Shepherd 2143324d ago

Valve made the amazing Half life 2 and its episodes, which makes all of your opinions obsolete. They are right, the community for 360 is much more alive and has many more fluid features than PSN, such as cross game chat, community playdates. The PSN community is filled with 30-40 year olds who dont really know what fun is, but its not like you would ever know that since no one on PSN uses mics.

WenisWagon3324d ago

Truer words have never been spoken.

cyberwaffles3324d ago

i like valve a lot, especially for their games on the PC. half life, half life mods, team fortress, half life 2, half life 2 episodes, and portal especially. i can live without them making a game on the ps3, but i don't see why they have to be on microsoft's junk about how XBL is better than PSN. PSN isn't much different than XBL and i wouldn't say it's a better community since so many a-holes are on XBL.

maybe if valve actually made games for the ps3, then they can say the community isn't as good. right now, the only valve...err i mean source engine game on the ps3 with online is team fortress 2 and that game doesn't get updates and wasn't meant for consoles to begin with.

i mean look at the COD communities between both consoles. they're exactly the same. i probably come across a few more people on XBL with mics since everyone gets one bundled, but nonetheless attract a big community.

i bet money if L4D was on the ps3, there would be a strong following on PSN for it as well. i for one, wouldn't buy it though. L4D is valve's worst shooter in my opinion. gets boring real fast.

XxZxX3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

if sony never announced PSN activity, how do you guys know XBOX Live has more activity than PSN? Based on what, your biased judgement? Hey your phone just rang, and it was BS calling.

Budg3tG4m3r3324d ago

So Valve prefers to work on the PC and 360, its home to them. Other devs find home on the PS3, they like it more... so what? This site is the worse gaming site on the net for whiny hurt feeling fanboys who in reality all realy want to play the games on the other console. Guess what fanbys can't have them all.

If you want to play the games on the other systems... save some money. So Live is better than PSN it's the money people pay for that makes it so. It sure isn't a reason for me not to buy a PS3. So Live is better I don't care PS3 has some kixk ass games to play.

Whats sad is the die hard Sony fanboys above (not you Sony fans there is a difference) want to play L4D so bad it's killing em inside. Jesus it's on 2 platforms PC and 360, freaking choose one save some money and play.

For one day in your in your butt hurt lives stop and think that each platform of choice isn't gods perfect gift of gaming. That the other guys just may have something that are just better. I can allmost vision the fanboys on this site sitting at their computers or consoles reading this with steam comming from their ears wanting to choke a puppy.

Shut up and go play somthing. I'm about to go play some Wii Sports and after that play some Flashpoint, Borderlands and Too Human.

RememberThe3573324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

That was just lame...

Plus, Left 4 Dead is way over rated. I played it for about under a month with a few of my friends and I couldn't do it anymore.

@above: Why to go defending moronic statements... In my opinion, Left 4 Dead should stay off the Playstation platform. I don't think that because I'm a fanboy or have anything against Valve, but because the game isn't great. I had a lot of fun at first, but it got really old, really fast.

I agree that there is no need to get worked up over this, but there is also no need to defend stupid ass statements from respected developers.

ico923324d ago

i would rather them not say anything than make up lame excuses

raztad3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )


Shut up! kids are not allowed to discuss with adults. Go back to your ODST. Your opinion is irrelevant.


You got it all wrong dude. NO one above is begging Valve to develop games for the PS3, just to stop the excuses and the PS3 trash talking. Valves games can be played in any low spec pc for anyone really looking forward to them.

This Valve guy comment seems to me like a replay to Borderlands president comments. Lame, very lame.

3324d ago
table3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

ohh the irony in the statement Valve;

They assume ps3 gamers don't game on PC and they fail to realise alot of the PC online community don't actually use headsets.

It's unbelievable how they can try and pass this off, what sort of idiots do they take us for? I mean I love Valve games but hearing things like this looses them alot of respect.

WildArmed3323d ago

I love l4d n L4D2.. but Valve is stup!d for saying that.
Just coz your a stupid fuk and cant make games for ps3.. dont go playing the blame game.

(I will still buy L4D2 too)

Redempteur3323d ago

Wait they never got a game on PS3 yet ... ( Orange box was done by EA )

So what do they know about ps3 players ???

of that's right ..nothing ..

i though so ..

XxZxX3323d ago

RememberThe357, why defend? as much as he like to use fanboy this fanboy that, he is also a fanboy himself.

evrfighter3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

lol The tears. They fuel me.

epic article. Valve just owned ps3 fanboys.

While ps3 gamers won't care. The fanboys (pretty much n4g) need moar tearbuckets.

jadenkorri3323d ago

really work together, granted my 1 month of cod4 on 360 was just about the same as when i play on the psn, really the only difference was more people slaming each other more than them working together. I don't find people work together that much or if at all when ever i played, the only time it really happened was when i was with friends. Granted i didn't play l4d on the 360, so im not sure, but if Valve wanted to do something about it, release LFD 1 and 2 with a Mic and quit you b!tching. Im sure sony could throw in a mic, but that would only entail new people getting a mic, so what of the 27 other million. Yes i own a mic on the ps3 and cod4 is all run in gun, same exp as the 360.

FlipMode3323d ago

"Halo:ODST(called an "expansion pack" by PS3 fanboys)- 2 million sold on day one."

Check your numbers.

JayD-1K3323d ago

Sorry to burst a few peoples bubbles, not every body on the system has a mic! In case some of you forgot, the Arcade 360 has been sold with out a mic for about a year now.

And just about ANY blu-tooth/USB headset can work with the PS3. so how hard is it to have a mic?

tripewire3323d ago

How the f*** can they say that? The PS3 has more in common with PC gaming than 360 does. Mostly in that ITS FREE. How does a community that promotes play to an exclusive portion of users appeal to them?

Maybe, just maybe, Valve look at the games we PS3 users get to play, and they know they cant compete. They use an old recycled engine with old outdated gameplay, and they have no new ideas. Why would we buy their games when we have things like God of War, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Mag, Resistance, Infamous etc etc etc.

O2_Addict3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

to remain 360 exclusive and keep coming up with new excuses as to why they didn't make a PS3 version.

Microsoft has bribed lot's of developers. With the PS3 consistently outselling the 360 it's going to become more expensive to bribe developers. It's all about opportunity cost.

It's actually possible to mathematically estimate the cost of a bribe with publicaly available information.

Eddie201013323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Why is that all the dumb comments coming from Valve are given by people that look like Jaba the Hut from Star Wars? Just saying.

Is Valve becoming more like the Company that Gabe used to work for (Microsoft).

Enough with the dumb comments. Its like a commune trying to convert people to there religion. Referring to Valve.

Bloodraid3323d ago

Valve are fools.

PS3 really has no good zombie games for it yet, and there are tons of us who want one. Do they really think that it'd be a waste of their time to port it to the PS3? (And not some crappy port job they normally do)...

leeger3323d ago

Sony developers head and shoulders above Valve