Modern Warfare 2 Complaints Mount As Players Gear Up For Launch

"After statements during online chats hosted by Infinity Ward and Activision's public statements, members of the hardcore gaming community are feeling slighted by a dearth of features in Modern Warfare 2."

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Feral Gamer3296d ago

Another article with the same news we've been reading for three weeks? No thanks!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3295d ago

I have already pre-ordered the game and I have no doubt that I will love every minute of it.

There are a lot of people that want to see Activision/Infinity Ward fail, so the constant "this game is going to suck" articles don't surprise me at all.

The game will speak for itself soon enough...

Feral Gamer3295d ago

I preordered on Amazon and got $20 credit towards a future video game. This game will be awesome

sikbeta3295d ago

To all of you, nobody want this game to fail because nobody like it, is more about Acti/IW being so douchebags, they start with the PC community and it seems like nothing can't stop them to try the same thing with consoles in the (near) future

The Matrix3295d ago

Hmm PC gamers...maybe if you didn't pirate EVERY single game that comes out and hack/alter every single game you might get more respect from the developers. Right now there's less profit coming out of PC games then ever before.

Pandamobile3295d ago

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Feral Gamer3295d ago

Developers switch from PC only development to console development because they just can't get ahead with PC game sales.

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GR8 13296d ago

There ain't no reason to give complaints, if this game is better then COD4 then it's the best fps ever.

komp3295d ago

Just wait for the next story to get approved about the "washed out graphics" on PS3.... it is in the pending Q.

I am sure this is going to go on for days....

paul03883296d ago

They can do whatever they want, because people will buy the game anyway.

I admit, I'm getting a copy for the 360.

I was getting 2 copies, one for the PC as well, until they decided to sh!t all over the customers that put Call of Duty on the map in the first place.

They need to listen to what the gamers want, instead of just assuming. We all know what happens when one assumes. That's right, it makes an ass out of you and me. And that's exactly what's happening to Infinity Ward.

I say this as a conclusion to ever comment I leave for them, and I won't stop now.

Shame on you Infinity Ward...

mastiffchild3295d ago

Then I don't understnd why you're getting a copy at all, if I'm frank with you.

While I'm not the biggest fan of COD games in general(I'm tired of the too easy to pick up and play style of the flicky, floaty controls and demand something more demanding these days-something with a steeper , but importantly, longer mearning curve-something where I don't feel I'm just about as good as I'm going to get after a couple of days. The fact that we've alredy had WaW and MW in the last two years and everyonme already knows what they're doing just adds to the feeling that there just isn't much to learn here-for me anyway)I would still normally have had this one preordered by now-but I'm not comfy supporting people who treat gamers(and any gamer is my brother(or sister) as far as this kind of thing goes)like crap and, as you so rightly observe that believe their own hype.

Look, nothing I, or the PC petitioners, or any likeminded gamers do is going to even make them look twice when so very many are willing participants in them laughing at us while also fleecing us(esp in the EU) and dembing down the PC gamers experience. I'd love it if more people would say "F-off" to them and Acti over the way the both behaved of late but thriough a mixture iof "I'm alright Jack" selfishness(and eagerness to play the latest thing)and ignorance(how many COD players are even aware of the furore outside of places like here and the 'Gaf?)they're getting away with shafting us all good and proper.

Thing is when I see someone who, like yourself, appears to feel basically how I do about the way they act(if not about COD in ganeral)I don't understand why they're often still buyong into this with a copy for whatever platform. A bit more unity over this, more people unwilling to support crappy treatment of us gamers and they MIGHT have to stop being so arrogant and assumptuous.

Don't get me wrong, it's a free world and I'm far from perfect enough to decry you for wanting the game for whatever reason you have-I'mjust saying that if you feel how you say I don't get why you would still support them as it seems like a tacit admission that either they're okay to do this or of an apathy that no matter what we do we're damned to this kind of treatment forever.

I personally know over 50 gamers who aren't going to get the game at all(though some WILL pirate it for LAN I'm told)even though a few have said that preowned is a good, non IW/Acti supporting method as well. If a few more people had bothered seeing if their mates knew the score maybe there could have been enough of us to make them at least notice they weren't being very fair. The first step is to have the courage of your convictions and commit to not buying yourself I guess but I can fully uinderstand not wanting to miss out on some good times with your mates as being disabled recently as taught me how short a healthy life can be.

Feral Gamer3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"I'm tired of the too easy to pick up and play style of the flicky, floaty controls and demand something more demanding "

"something where I don't feel I'm just about as good as I'm going to get after a couple of days."

So you're not buying MW2 because it's too easy to kick everyone's ass?

Maybe you should try playing chess or find harder opponents.

marcindpol3295d ago

Simple question, why PC gamers should get more for less???, just tell my why???, especially now when piracy on PC is hugh like never before!

DiffusionE3295d ago

Why would you try to combat piracy by increasing the game price and removing vital components from the game? How is that supposed to stop piracy and bring back customers?

They're just being greedy pricks. They're already making huge profits from the PC version. Otherwise, they'd stop developing for the PC a long time ago.

In fact, they're the ones who're demanding more money from us for less content. By your reasoning, we have every right to be pissed off.

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