148Apps Review: Star Paint

148Apps writes: "At its heart, Star Paint is a simple untangle-it game. It's a solid title and bundled in a nice theme, and OpenFeint integration is always a plus. However, it does lack a few important functions (like a resume feature), the instructions aren't clear, and there's not much variety to spice things up. Star Paint is a good game nevertheless, but I'd like to see some updates.

As you may have guessed by the title, Star Paint is star-themed; each stage consists of a number of stars connected by a tangled mess of lines, constellation-style. Your job is to untangle them by dragging the stars around the screen. It starts out simply, but by the time you're playing hard mode you'll have to sink quite a bit of time into each puzzle. Puzzles are randomly generated, so you never "run out," per se, but I did think that they got repetitive-once you develop a strategy, it can be applied to pretty much every puzzle. Once you complete a puzzle, you're taken to the next one. While there are three modes (Normal, Medium, and Hard), all are essentially Endless modes with varying levels of complexity. Supposedly there's a time limit, but I moved quickly enough that it wasn't an issue."

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