Brutal Legend : DLC is already on the disc

Free on the PlayStation Store for two weeks only, but not free on the Xbox Live, "Tears Of The Hextadon", Brutal Legend's DLC, is already on the disc.
If you download the DLC on the PlayStation Store, you can see that the file size is 100kb, like an activation key, and you will pay for it in two weeks...

Do you remember the story of Resident Evil 5 Versus DLC?

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gamesR4fun3301d ago

looks like shaffers givin us the shaft

LionheartAce3301d ago

Oh wait, you must have it on 360. I'm enjoying it for free on PS3. :]

Either way, they act like it's a surprise. All the textures and elements are obviously on the disc. It'd be incredibly stupid to place anything but data when it's just a map.

gamesR4fun3301d ago

nope ps3 got it for free 2 but they are going to b charging for it soon and the next one not gonna b free...

besides what i really wanted to see on this game was more sp the multiplayers has some seriouse connection issues with my network.

vhero3301d ago

Free on PS3 but not on 360? Obviously that's MS as usual getting their fingers in. What do you guys pay your gold for again? It seems you pay for subscription yet MS STILL screws you over compared to Sony and its free service.

sam22363301d ago

Christ, and here I thought there was something wrong with the download! That's ridiculous!

EvilGost3301d ago

It was the same discuss for Resident Evil 5, DLC already on disc :)