Pocket Gamer's Top 5 Puzzle Games

Pocket Gamer writes: "Mobile phones and puzzle games go hand in hand. Or, to use a more fitting analogy, they fit together like two perfectly matched geometric shapes.

Even a bog standard match-three block-dropper effortlessly overcomes all of the format's perceived weaknesses - basic controls, lack of processing poke and limited screen real estate. None of that matters when all you have to do is guide a bunch of coloured blobs into position.

But the puzzler also takes advantage of the mobile format's strengths - ultra-portability, intuitive controls and mainstream penetration. Gamers and non-gamers alike know Tetris, and they'd all like a quick go on it when their train's been delayed by 10 minutes.

We thought we'd cut to the core of the matter and establish the 10 finest pure puzzlers you can play on your phone today."

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