Two Worlds Tuesday: Skill System

In every role-playing game ever created, advancing your character is a vital gameplay element. Going up a level is where you feel that sense of accomplishment for coming so far, and where you get to personalize your character - slowly shaping them into the ultimate hero you want to be. Continue to see IGN's review of the Skill System in the upcoming Two Worlds...

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SF49er4083890d ago

I have a feeling this game could be a hit. Too bad some of the screen shots suck. But other screen shots blow oblivion away... hmm.. kinda reminds me of diablo.

gogators3890d ago

is that it keeps getting delayed. They better not bring this out to late, otherwise it will be going up against too much competiton. Still the multiplayer aspect has been what's keeping my interest in this game. I really hope it turns out well.

SuperSaiyan43889d ago

Mass Effect, Bioshock, Two Worlds, Elveon and the rest ALL keep getting pushed back.

The only game to have a FIRM release date is HALO 3 oh and thats in September...

All the games I have been looking forward to seem to be hovering around the August/September date now...

DeadlyFire3889d ago

They all want their game to come at the peak sale season Fall/Winter. Of course why not delay it? Halo 3 could be released anywhere in the year though and it would sale.

I am still planning on getting the PC version of Two Worlds its $10 cheaper with all the same features.

PS360WII3889d ago

With 38 skills to choose from.... this could be a long game

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