Gamezebo Review - Elementals: The Magic Key

Gamezebo writes: "QB9's Elementals: The Magic Key is deep, original, and delightfully habit forming-everything one could hope for in a puzzle game. Alas, our copy also suffered from a pretty big glitch.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The game begins with a short bit of text telling us that Leonardo Da Vinci's lost Alchemy Treatise has been found by researchers in a lab that belonged to his contemporary, Luca Pacioli. In it are described a variety of Elementals (earth, air, water, and fire apparently aren't alone; there's also lava, lightning, and rain, to name but of a few of the additional Elementals in Da Vinci's writings) and things that can be done with them when they're combined in just the right amounts."

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