Big N: Farming Out Franchises

The controversy over the delay of Twilight Princess's release for launch of Wii may have done more damage than initially thought.

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ITR4193d ago

A new Zelda is already in development.
Rumor is we may hear something at E3 about it.

anthonsh4193d ago

Angry-blogger437 strikes again.

bootsielon4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

It was promised to be a gamecube title. In the end, the gamecube game almost seemed like a second thought. Ironically, suckers bought into the Wii frenzy because of Zelda, despite the fact that it's just a port.

Wii demand overinflated because of Zelda and a cheap price compared to competitors, NOT because it's a wonderful device.


Where did I say that? If I said, apologies, I was wrong, It's not overinflated because of Wii Sports (I'm certain I didn't say because of "fake" shortage, but good idea). Just zelda and price, and perhaps a little bit of fad (not wii sports; that could be wii play, wario ware, or more mini games not worth 5 bucks).

You know, I have a 360 and I dont like it, I like some games. People don't necessarily like the Wii (hardcore gamers mainly), but they just wanna see WTF.

PS360WII4193d ago

I thought you said that it was overinflated cuz of Wii Sports. Oh wait you said it was overinflated cuz it's cheap. no wait you said it was overinflated cuz there is a 'fake' shortage. no you said it was overinflated cuz ....... There are many reasons why the Wii is in high demand. All having to do with people liking the darn system.

ChickeyCantor4193d ago

Ok you don't like it, we all can respect that.
But because you think its a fad doesn't mean it will be a fad.
The demands are still high and its not only the Price and Zelda, Nintendo had a good marketing plan, its the whole presentation, spreading the word by letting " non gamers" actually play on it before it was launched.
If you think its only the price and Zelda.......then it wont be selling when mario: galaxy comes out? or Metroid?

and ofcourse the existing install base will get it for Zelda/mario/Metroid/[f-zero]? etc. That is selling a console in the first place, software, without it a console is useless.
With the Wii, its not only software but hardware also(Wii-remote) and i admit the software now is weak, but i know for sure its getting better and better if its keeps selling like this.