Critical Gamer: LittleBigPlanet PSP Preview

Critical Gamer Writes: The main attraction on the PSP (for us at least) was the chance to get some hands-on time with the PSP version of LittleBigPlanet, and before I say anything about the game I'd like to point out it was also my first hold of a PSP Go. Now, I have small hands and have always been comfortable holding smaller gadgets, but the Go seemed too small even for my girly sized digits! In its defence though I should point out it was attached to a table via a tether-wire, which meant I was playing tug-of-war whilst trying to play. Not to be put off by this I continued with the LBP demo I had found. The first thing to hit home was its similarity to its bigger brother. The character animations are smooth and move around the screen with the same enthusiastic bounce as their PS3 counterparts

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Jim Crikey3325d ago

Great preview. Very funny, very well written!

scruffy_bear3325d ago

Didn't know what to think about LBP on the PSP but this previews has rested most of my fears

nirwanda3325d ago

Sod GT this is by far and away the most impressive thing i've seen on the psp

Ninjamonkey3325d ago

looks really good.

might dust off my psp1000 for this one!

scruffy_bear3325d ago

Got to agree I'll be dusting off my PSP to play this :)

Redempteur3325d ago

downloading levels ? that's good too ...

Too bad since the psp doesn't have yet a community strong enough to expect a lot of the user-created levels ..

BUt i might be wrong