Diehard GameFAN: Rabbids Go Home (Wii)

Honestly, Rabbids Go Home is the most boring and repetitive platformer Diehard GameFAN has played this year. Where the original mini game compilations actually had some great homages and wit to them, this game's comedy is pretty much the equivalent of fart jokes. The graphics and audio aspects of the game are the worst to feature Rabbids yet and at no point will you be provided with even the slightest challenge. The only thing good Diehard GameFAN can say about the game is that both the engine and the controls are exceptionally solid and provide a rewarding experience. It's just that there are only so many hours you can strip people naked or make pizza shoot out of a locker before your eyes glaze over and you wonder what happened to the level of creativity the mini game compilations once had.

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GamerscoreWhores3330d ago

Couldn't disagree more. This was a flamebait article to get views right?

Did you even play the game? It's better than Katamari.

ozstar3329d ago

Does sound kinda rough. Its like they don't have children, and were locked in the basement for 13 years.