Playstation Network Rumor for 5/31 has heard from a little birdie that Championship Sprint will be making its way to the PSN this Thursday.

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Fisher3394218d ago

they released a trailer for it last week, it's usually what happens.

it would be news if it wasn't coming this week.

Karebear4218d ago

But... really... does anyone want to play this game?
On a totally unrelated note, at least Warhawk rocks :)

N4GayFanturds4218d ago

and you guys get this! Way to blow $600!

BitbyDeath4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

Stuff mad tracks, i used to play this game all the time vs my brothers when i was younger. I'm defin gettin this.

I'm in Australia though so likely us and Euro will once again see nothing on our servers

IBLEEDBLU4218d ago

its a classic game which is fun - its not considered to be a title u goon lol holy the sheep are attacking hard since they know they are done at the end of the year

y dont u go fold ur towles or something

Devastator_oftheweak4218d ago

"Yes sir may I please buy the crap box, ya know the one that gives the red ring of death?"

First off before you spew useless information in a forum do some research, as a matter of fact go to and look at the release dates for September of this year. I could be blind but I counted at least 20, 20!!!! PS3 titles coming out, where as Microsoft is heavily relying on Gay-lo 3 to supercede all games launched. Well MS your as delusional as your fan base.

September brings us Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (new map packs included, for FREE), and HOME to name a few. I can't say that Microsoft has that many games coming in September, just Gay-lo 3. Oh yeah!!! sign me up for the game that has all the glitches that little kids will exploit and make the game LESS fun to play. Take your elite piece of crap, your gay-lo 3 and go back in the closet. Peace!!

IPlayGames4218d ago

I use to play this all the time when i was a kid.

If its online that would rock.

I need to get another gift card cause i dont use my real credit card for online purchase.

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