nVidia's "Intel's Insides" site parodies Intel

Intel's Insides, a web comic where a nVidia insider is taking an interesting look into a company which nVidia considers as their biggest competitor - Intel.

Even though if we forget that the site is hosted on domain, some of the comics were quite funny. This is just a standard creative outlet for an employee or two and it can grow into a significant project, such was when Intel launched its internal Circuits magazine. Today, Circuits has more staff that some serious technology websites.

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Nihilism3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Intel is in a position where could could screw the nvidia over. If Nvidia no longer has a license to make intel mobo's, and intel decides the twist the blade by not offering sli support on their own mobo's ( which is very likely), then it would not only hurt nvidia but give ati a huge advantage as crossfire doesn't require any special motherboard additions to run. I mention this because the whole intel/nvidia rivalry is based on the license suit

NRG3324d ago

That's true, but I doubt it will happen. That means Nvidia would probably re-enter the motherboard chipset business so everyone wanting to create a SLI computer would look at their motherboards rather Intel's. Yeah I know, SLI computers are definitely in the minority, but it's enough of a margin of sales that I doubt Intel would want to neglect it.

Nihilism3324d ago

Without a license from Intel, nvidia can't make their own motherboards. That's the whole deal with the lawsuit, nvidia can't make nForce motherboards anymore because they need a license to make them for the chipsets. Basically a court order has stopped them doing it until it's all finalised. Hopefully Intel is found to be in the wrong. Because of the two companies only one tries to run a monopoly ( nvidia has nvidia specific features which give them an advantage ( CUDA/PHYSX), but unlike intel they havn't tried to screw the competition over with anti-competitive practices...I like Intel CPUs...but i hate Intel)

Kakkoii3324d ago

There's still the third party boards though that include support for SLI or XFire. And hopefully that Lucid Hydra chip makes it out into production and actually lives up to the hype, cause it could solve this problem completely. MSI already demonstrated a working board with it.

nForce boards have never really been the best choice anyway. ASUS/EVGA/Gygabyte make better boards.

Nihilism3323d ago

I've never been a fan of the nForce boards, but more choice is never a bad thing. Nvidia at least made boards with 2000mhz rated FSB support, better for heavy oc-ing.

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