Gamezebo Review - Danger Next Door: Miss Teri Tale's Adventure

Gamezebo writes: "I can't count the number of times I've been disappointed by a sequel that make the same mistakes as the game that came before it in the series with no effort to improve. Or worse, a sequel that's actually less fun than its predecessor. I'm very happy to report that Danger Next Door: Miss Teri Tale doesn't fall into that trap. Episode three of the Miss Teri Tale series, which up to this point has been lackluster, is bursting with newfound style and creativity.

When we catch up with Teri at the beginning of the game, she's now the mayor of Peeking Town and has made Monty deputy mayor. Unfortunately, however, Monty is found dead at a party thrown by Mike, the town's newest resident, and Teri offers to help solve the crime.

As with past games in the series, the story requires some suspension of disbelief. (Why would a mayor be allowed to be at the crime scene collecting blood samples and dusting for fingerprints? Aren't there detectives for that?) The voice-acting is cheesy, too. But the plot is a solid whodunit that will keep you clicking to the end to find out how it all ends."

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