8.0 Bayonetta PS3 Import Review

Gamekult writes: "Fall into the malicious charm of Bayonneta, a watchdog capable to thumb their noses at the others beat'em all on its first attempt. Guided by the creator of Devil May Cry himself, the Platinum Games studio gave birth to a nice creature with a combat system which synthesized the best of the genre since the advent of Dante. Beautiful, rich, varied, with gigantic bosses, a dash of erotism and a lot of fun. Bayonetta is a straight success on many levels which make easy to forget some little flaws and archaic level design. But hey, when you go around naked..."

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Rikitatsu3329d ago

All God of War games got 8/10 on this site, and DMC4 scored a 7/10 too.
Anyhow, Bayonetta deserves more, sad the PS3 version suffers from loading troubles.

chrisulloa3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

"Certes, notre version PS3 import est peut-être moins nette que la version Xbox 360"

Our PS3 import version is less clear than the 360 version.

I wonder what they gave the 360 version an 8.5? Maybe they just don't like beat-em ups.

hatchimatchi3327d ago

they have one copy of this at a local game shop where im at, singapore, i was gonna buy it today but i thought the game was in japanese. After googling though, i see that it's all in english. I'm gonna go pick it up tomorrow.