8.5 "Read our review of Microsoft's racing sim sequel."

You already know if you're going to like this game before you click on "Forza 2 review." If you can appreciate driving sims, you're sold. If driving games seem too much like real-life driving, and the best real-life driving moments you can remember all involved something Howard Stern said while you were halfway up the tailpipe of the car in front of you, we're not going to find any common ground here.

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gogators4215d ago

which after playing the demo for many hours it does, then Forza is going to consume alot of hours this summer. I only wish I had the skills to paint my car like some of those already popping up.

FeralPhoenix4215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

Forza's a great game, I felt like this was a short-to-the-point review, personally I think it deserves a little better since I enjoyed the demo alot (pick up my pre-order tommorrow) but honestly it sounded pretty fair and the score is still pretty good.

[Edit]^^^^I can't wait to show off my custom paint job, or maybe not, but it will be fun trying.

ironwolf4215d ago

when I get back to Boise, Friday. How about a review when you've run a few laps.

ngg123454215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

It is really funny. I can't believe it got a 9 in graphics. Man that site is getting more and more pathetic by the minute.

Hydrolex4215d ago

This game is full of jaggies if you dont agree with me look at they say it too.

ironwolf4215d ago

feeding time at the zoo; or someone rattled the bars on the monkey cage.

P4KY B4215d ago

I sit 8 feet from a 32 inch 720p LCD. At that distance my human eyes cannot see jaggies.
Maybe if you have bird eyes to go with your bird brain you can see jaggies.
Or you worship at the temple of sony and sit 4 feet from a 52inch bravia. If thats the case then everything has jaggies.

Bathyj4215d ago

Hmmm, I'm not really sure about this game. I think I'm going to get it just for the paint jobs whick looks like great fun, but makes no sense really since you only see the back of the car when driving, pretty much. What the hell, if I get it just for the paint jobs, then so be it. As long as I'm having fun. I read what IGN said about the Jaggies. They called it Lego Forza. Ouch. I've got to say I thought the same with the unimmpressive demo and you can even see it in those screen shots used in the review. Does anyone have the actual game yet? Please tell me you can change the controller layout. Anyone?

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The story is too old to be commented.