PC Gaming is dead! Long live PC Gaming! writes:-
Wow I bet I pissed off around 1000 people with that headline alone!

Many have eschewed the coming death of the PC gaming platform over the past 12 – 18 months. My thoughts? Balls to that. What I will say is that what is currently thought of as the PC gaming platform is living out it's final days. What makes me say such ludicrous things? Read on my friends and I shall impart some moose-logic – scary huh!

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Saryk3324d ago

First and foremost PC gaming is alive and well. I own a PS3, if I want to play a driving game, sports or arcade type game, I buy it for the console. But if I want to play a strategy game, shooter, and MMO, I play it on the PC. RPG games depending on the title can be either or. I wouldn’t worry about PC gaming until the next generation of consoles coming out, and that is only if they incorporate the mouse and keyboard. But if they add PC items to the console, well it isn’t a console, it’s a PC.

moosehound3324d ago

PC gaming is alive, but look at what you are playing - niche genres and MMOs... just saying..

toaster3324d ago

PC gaming is not dead. People who say that are people who don't play PC games.

Raf1k13324d ago

FPS games are alive and well on the PC. I wouldn't call that a niche genre. Then there are RTS games and RPGs which are genres that have plenty of people playing them. Are they niche genres?

STK0263324d ago

so, you're calling the RTS niche? Games like CnC, SC and WarCraft are some of the biggest franchises in the gaming world, selling better than most games and receiving great reviews. How is RTS more niche than driving games? What about Relic's games, aren't they mainstream enough by now?

presto7173324d ago

I play UT3 zeroping instagib CTF on pro servers alot, but the way some people kill is just impossible. Now I cant tell if someone owns me cuz they are just so good, or if they are shady ba*tards just botting. I've seen people go from fresh n00bs to the best shooters overnight (no kidding, literally).

On my ps3, when I die in killzone, I know the guy on the other end is playing with just the same Dualshock 3 I'm using.

paul03883324d ago

The only people that say PC gaming is dead are those who perceive that they personally cannot afford it... even though it's much cheaper in the long run.

Yes, it's extremely expensive to get a top of the line gaming pc, but every few years when it's time to upgrade your regular pc, why not pay an extra $100 for a good processor & throw a video card in it???

In the long run, it's actually cheaper than a console. ESPECIALLY XBOX... Not to dis the Xbox or anything, but they nickel and dime you to death, and people still just eat it up...

toaster3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

First off, @Zinc below me, yeah yeah call me a hypocrit. I'm sorry about my comment earlier.

"What will rise from the ashes is a new era of PC gaming. An era where corporate control is exerted like never before. You will never get a truly closed system on the PC as it is far too tempting to hack, but you should be able to provide a secure framework for delivery of map packs (paid for of course!)"

So this guy wants to change the way PC gaming is played. He wants direct ports of console games, which are 100% of the time inferior to their PC counterparts. He wants to pay for his DLC. PC games have always had free DLC. ALWAYS. And here is the reason. We use our money to play your game. WE buy the hardware. WE buy the game. WE are giving YOU money. What differentiates us from consoles is that they pay for a uniform piece of hardware. The games can only be as good as what the hardware can do.

" PC gaming must evolve and if it won;t accept these new efforts by iD and Infinity Ward then the system will just become the MMO/Casual gaming box that it is currently destined to be."

"currently destined to be." What the f*ck are you smoking? Can you play DIII with a gamepad? No. Can you play any FPS game PROPERLY with a gamepad? No (some exceptions but that's a different thread). Can you play Can you play any good RTS on a gamepad? Again, no.

"PC gaming must evolve" - if it ain't broke, don'x fix it. There is no way for it to "evolve" and if you mean evolve by becoming lesser than what it is then you are truly stupid.

"I think a majority of people put out by these changes are the ones perpetuating the issue by downloading ripped editions of games."

Every single PC gamer I know buys legitimate games. Be it from Steam, D2D, or the physical disk from an authorized seller. Most of pirating is done in third world countries where they cant spend the equivelent of $60 USD to play a game. $60 USD is how much they get payed in a couple months. I'm not defending pirates, I'm just stating a different point of view.

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SolidSystem3324d ago

I agree piracy is bad, and developers need money.

however taking something standard from gamers isnt going to help you.
Servers are a must, its why I choose PC shooters over consoles.

DeadlyFire3324d ago

I blame Zenimax for that or whoever owns id now.

I do believe in time we might see end of Dedicated servers as they have been over the years, but not for awhile. Another 10 years or so at least before they die. For a great Peer to Peer game. Connections all around the world would have to reach a new high point. Right now its not enough. Still there are limits to Peer to Peer that noone likes. It would be nice to find a new way to make dedicated servers implemented into console and PC gaming. Hopefully one of the big companies will do that and throw a slap to the others in the next generation. Giving gamers more options and option for dedicated servers in a couple of games maybe for a monthly fee. Would it be so bad if you could pay XBL like fee on PSN or Nintendo's Online and have option to have a dedicated server run for like 3-7 days a week or something like that for a game or two that you love to play with option to change it around to different game on different days or something?

bjornbear3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

"PC Gaming is dead! Long live PC Gaming! writes:-
Wow I bet I pissed off around 1000 people with that headline alone! "

I care not for the article, because no matter what YOU are trying to make a point of, that is clearly an act of a hit wh0re.

I'm no PC gamer, but PC gaming is NOT dead, far from it. Gaming started on the PC and it will END on the PC.

meetajhu3324d ago

Piracy is the only thing that is letting back the devs from making PC games and even thinking of producing high budget games. If piracy didn't exist Sony would have ended up making a interface which runs Sony games on your PC!

Saryk3324d ago

I agree, but with Steam, D2D, Gamers gate and Impulse. Piracy will be driven away, little by little.

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