Cage Annoyed By Heavy Rain Misconceptions

NowGamer: Speaking exclusively to NowGamer, David Cage admits that there's one misconception floating around that truly gets his goat.

"It's definitely when people think that Heavy Rain is 'just a bunch of QTEs'" He goes on to say...

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YLOD Service Tech3326d ago

Like I said earlier, this game looks boring as hell. Don't be surprise if it only manages to sell 50k worldwide on launch day.

maniacmayhem3326d ago

Don't know how you can say that with a straight face. This game looks damn interesting and appears to have one hell of a story.

I can't wait to pick this up.

Amp3326d ago

We'd squeeze your head

Kleptic3325d ago

hopefully Cage understands that the people saying this are just ignorant media or fanboys that are not used to 'different' games...

LBP was getting the same type of stuff early on...'its just a side scroller with nothing new'...Cage can't really blame anyone yet, as very little of the game...especially gameplay wise, has been shown yet...but eventually people will get the point..

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MetalGearRising3326d ago

Day 1 FLOP Guaranteed and sealed.

Stinger_2093326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

how about mgs rising that will be a flop day 1 it will be no where near the standards of mgs 4 and u will treat that as an exclusive time to change your username... tick tock bot

maniacmayhem3325d ago

ODST flopped? Didn't it sell millions first day?

Feral Gamer3326d ago

So what do you do, exactly?

nolifeking3326d ago

I'm leaning toward "play the game".

Lifendz3326d ago

you play it. You traverse the environment by moving in a direction you're character's looking. You make a button based selection as to what you want your char to do. The QTE's only come in during scenes in which it'd be impossible to manipulate what's happening on screen with the controller. IMO, they did it in a very clever way. It appears every function is included, including the six axis controls.

Personally, I'm looking forward to this one in a major way. This is one of those games you show someone to disprove the stereotype about games being nothing more than gratuitous violence.

Anon19743326d ago

If there's any confusion about what Heavy Rain would be like, just take a look at Indigo Prophecy. That game certainly used QTE's, but it didn't rely on them. Indigo Prophecy was a fantastic adventure game and I imagine Heavy Rain will be very similar, which is a good thing!

Parapraxis3326d ago

darkride66, nothing like people disagreeing with a reasonable statement and having nothing to say.
Bubbles up bud.
I as well am sure Heavy Rain will be similar to I.P. and it IS a good thing.

It looks unique, deep, visually astounding, and thought provoking.
I'm eagerly awaiting this game.

PS360WII3326d ago

Well I did disagree and question if Darkrider himself played IP. Sure you could walk in some areas but the only way to progress thru the game was qte. To say it didn't rely on the qte suggests one never played the game.

I just didn't want to start an arguement because I think IP was insanly awesome and I'm looking forward to Heavy Rain but I'm not gonna lie to myself saying that qte's didn't rule that game hand over fist.

Tainted Gene3325d ago

I agree with comment, and like u I am greatly looking forward to the whole "Heavy Rain experience". But I see what some people are coming from and when I say some people I mean the casuals mostly.

To them they see it as just QTE b/c those are the only parts that has been shown to them. I know there is more to it like exploring/ talking to NPC/ etc. But to the Uncharted/God of War/Ratchet and other adventure Fans, they need more then that. I for one LOVED the Shenmue games; and that led me to Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit. So I know I am going to love this game; for its storytelling driven experience. But people hated on Shenmue and claimed it was a mono-toned QTE ridden dry experience (and that game had actual fight/brawls based on the Virtua Fighter engine too). They hated on Indigo Prophecy because all the action parts were in QTE with detective work/exploring on the side.

To those people, that is not enough to hold them over for paying full price or playing through a 10+ game. So unless there is some other mechanic that has yet to be shown from Heavy Rain that is non-QTE/non-exploratory based; other casuals gamers will just view Heavy Rain as a beautifully done QTE with exploring.

Which is understandable, but a shame as well.

FragMnTagM3325d ago

as long as they are done right. What I mean by this, is that the buttons are not random, rather they are contextual like some of Indigo Prophecy's were. In the part of IP where you had to mop up the blood on the floor, you used the analog sticks in a circular motion that made sense. In other games that have shoddy QTE's, the button presses are completely random and don't fit in with the action on the screen. God of War was a great game, but the QTE's in it, IMO, were pretty shoddy. Spiderman 3 was a horrible game all around, and the really really crappy QTE's didn't help much. The one's in Ninja Blade were a slight (very slight) improvement, over GOW and Spiderman, but they still sucked.

As long as the QTE's are done correctly, I don't see the problem with them. Take a look at games that do them wrong, and games that do them right, and make them fit in with the action on the screen, and there should not be a problem.

GWAVE3325d ago

Most of the people who say "it's nothing but QTEs" are just being pretentious hypocrites.

I mean, consider how the gaming media worships Shenmue as a revolutionary and underappreciated game. "Bawwww! Bawwww! Poor Shenmue didn't get the credit it deserved. Bawwww!", yet they never once consider that Shenmue is "just a bunch of QTEs".

Most of the outspoken people in the video game industry are idiots. When you look at their statements, it's easy to see the contradictions.

Redempteur3325d ago

That's right Even indigo prophecy had QTE that made sense ...

BUt people often tend to make a strict jugement based on just a little ..people who search for answers unfortunatly are in the minority ...

It's sad that games that tell a story are that hard to advertise

raztad3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I haven played HR but something I know for certain, there is 100000 FPSes, 10000 RPGs, 10000 Action games, 10000 platformers but Heavy Rain is unique.

I'm sure HR will be something else. Looking forward to it. Damn the haters.

sikbeta3325d ago

"So what do you do, exactly?"
You play the game, like every other game, if you like it, then you enjoyed it, if you don't like it, don't enjoy it, is simple, just give it a try

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UnSelf3326d ago

hey fellas wont ya come out and say all this talk in the gamerzone?

why are ya hiding in here?

knightdarkbox3326d ago

ps3fanboys have to wait for them to flop completely heavy QTE rain and get reduced to bargain prices because no one buys them at launch ...