Level Editor and Gameplay Updated for Darkest of Days

Phantom EFX and independent game development studio 8monkey Labs have announced the availability of a series of updates to their recently launched first-person shooter, Darkest of Days. PC users of Darkest of Days are now able to use 8monkey's own level editing software, Habitat, to create their own levels in which to wreak havoc.

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VonAlbrecht3296d ago

Will it be possible to edit in a less mediocre game? Otherwise I don't see the point.

STONEY43296d ago

I know, the demo has got to be the absolute worst optimized PC game ever made. Crysis runs better!!!

Blaze9293296d ago

the game wasnt that bad. It actually had a pretty great story and nice weapons...just terrible everything else but it was still fun and I enjoyed beating the game nonetheless.

Elven63296d ago

If a game like this can get after launch support on a level like this, what does that tell you about supposedly "good" games that don't get crap?