IW: MW2 dedicated servers aren't "off the table"

Infinity Ward's Mackey McCandlish has said that the prospect of dedicated server support eventually being included in the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 isn't "off the table" and that the team is "always evaluating (their) options".

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saint_john_paul_ii3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )


IW: We are just lying so you can buy the game anyway, just like how we shafted PS3 owners from COD4, with no Rumble/Trophy Patch.

Seriously though, if you're a PC gamer and you are P***ed that IW has Shafted you, don't buy the game on the PC. dont fall for the trap. just because someone tells you to buy this game cause they're playing it, doesn't mean you should go on steam and buy it at the end of the day, when it still doesn't have the Dedicated servers.

JsonHenry3297d ago

I am not buying the game, PERIOD. UNLESS the game ships with dedicated server support, I won't buy even it if there is a patch that later adds it.

kalebgray923297d ago

activision and infinity ward has lost my respect.... mostly activision though

LeonSKennedy4Life3297d ago

You guys do know Infinity Ward can probably pull this off without dedicated servers, right?

Why are you guys so freaking whiny about the dedicated servers?

They didn't screw you over.

You guys screwed them over by pirating COD4. It's OUR fault, not theirs.

Elvfam5113297d ago

Is not going to do good without Dedicated Servers

You can't have custom maps, mods, and rooms

It's going to limited

And if you think COD4 privacy is bad HA wait in till you see


NegativeCreepWA3297d ago

Damn, I actually agree with Leon. I don't see why PC gamers always feel so much is owed to them. Both of the 360 and PS3 versions don't have dedicated why should the PC.

Their like the spoiled little brats of gaming, always crying and making petitions.

Seriously the only people that have a reason to complain about COD is the euros because they'll be paying $10.00 more then everyone else. That would piss me off.

Limited_Vertigo3297d ago

PC gamers are pissed becuase this is a terrible port. I'm sure you would be upset if a game was ported directly from the wii to the PS3/360 with nothing changed. The PC is not a console and yet they're determined to treat it like one. People not only have a right to be pissed off about this but they are justified. They're getting a watered down game and the developer is hiding behind the "piracy" complaint.

kikicub3297d ago

There's A LOT more to it than dedicated servers. Go to Ars Technica and read a little...

LackOfVision and Infinite Warts are screwing EVERYBODY with this one, not just PC gamers. Why? We're all gamers, doesn't matter what platform you choose. If we let them get away with this, worst things will come next.

Vote with your wallet. It's not like there aren't good games out there anyway. Have fun!

ChozenWoan3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I am a MW2 Objector.
I am not going to buy, rent, or even pirate this game. I refuse to support the disdain for gamers that this company is promoting in the gaming industry. Thus I will take my business elsewhere to support development studios and publishers who are more dedicated to the enjoyment of making games, as well as making games that gamers want. Regardless, if you stand with me or I stand alone, I will continue to stand up for Gamers everywhere.
This is my vow.

Thanks Kikicub for the link, it's very educational.

I'm a PS3/PC gamer (primarily PS3) who sees this game for what it is. MW1 was one of the first shooters I've played online this gen and it was good for a sec. Then I started to run into "Host Left Game" moments and where I'd unload a clip into a guy from behind, eventhough he did not have the health perk, he was able to kill me with just 1 shot, not to mention those fully automatic shotgunners.

Basically, this game is the same as the last minus the need to return to the lobby after the host leaves game.... still you have to deal with the "Host left game" wait which could easily turn the tide in a firefight. Not to mention the fact that there is no kick option to deal with team killers, immature smack talkers, and of coarse the next gen of hackers.

After playing WarHawk, Socom:C, Resistance 2, and KZ2 I know what it feels like to play on dedicated servers. It's a totally different experience that feels like you, and 18-32 of your closest buddys, are gaming at home. No lag switches to worry about, no "Host left game" what so ever, no lobby hopping trying to find a good match becuase all of them are good. Some gamers are used to P2P gaming and to them MW2 will feel like a step up, but to those who have tasted the pleasures of dedicated server gaming.... this game will only leave a bad taste in your mouth regardless of the platform.

Thus I stand by my vow.

kikicub3297d ago

See, you just mentioned a few good games. We could have a couple of pages filled with good games. There is choice.

Infinite Warts are screwing people, LackOfVision got too greedy. So, I say pick something else!

Also, what bugs me is the fact that people are not really looking into what this really means.....

HammockGames3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

By that I mean dedicated servers should have been an automatic inclusion for the PC version and never even up for discussion for cutting out.

The same goes with the removal of custom mods, maps, etc.

These are some of the major reasons why PC gamers chose the PC platform to begin with. Taking these features out is a gigantic blinking neon middle finger to that customer base.

Redempteur3297d ago

The only thing différent is :
mouse support
text chat
some graphical tweaks ( not even everything )

When you play FPSs on pc , you want a pc game not a Console game with pc tweaks ...
Because fps on pc are showcases of graphical powers you have on your computer ...
Because fps on pc are fueled by the mind of thoses who make mods ...
how do you think counter striker started ? it was a HL1 mod ..
Mods are part of the PC community ..i can't count the number of mods for unreal , Half life , quake and so on ...

Because MW2 is missing features that even Quake 2 had ....

No escuse for MW2 ...Come on IW supporters ( i know you are few in number but) try to answer this :
What's the purpose of if the hosting is done on the player side ?
what's the point ? This is a serious question ..

Any pc gamer is angry at least because the answer is ...: There is no point of this "portal" ...

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Bodster3297d ago

Im still thinking they will add this eventually but at a price...

Who wants to guess that IW will charge for this in DLC for $15 or suhin?

unknownhero11233297d ago

or charge people monthly for it.

PirateThom3297d ago

Damage control.

They're hoping people will fall for it, buy the game and, when they complain, point out they never promised dedicated servers.

Infinity Ward think you're dumb.



gamers should not fall for it...

they no gamers are not happy, and I think they realize they have to do something about it or they will loose money.

Ah,,, and people said all this boycotting wont make a difference. at least pc gamers can stick together on this one.

it shows they could do it if they wanted.

Don't buy the game, make them add server support first! then consider buying it. If everyone rushes out and busy it now, two years later you will still be waiting and they will be saying " we were only thinking about it "

Boycott the game !

Raf1k13297d ago

The only reason they're saying it's still on the table is because of all the bad press about it and all the people who are upset.
If everyone had taken the news the way Activision wanted this stated would never have come out.

divideby03297d ago

LMAO,, how frigging transparent ..... without a hard date you are lying through your teeth...

say anything to increase sales..
you showed your hand, got bitsh slapped by gamers and other developers, and now looking like the ripoffs you are

divideby03297d ago work for them...LOL

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