Nowgamer: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Preview

We're not afraid to say it – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 rocked our world when we played the game at a recent EA event.

Whereas the first was tainted by our impression that modes were perhaps being held back, either as a result of development time or poor value for money, there's no doubt that Bad Company 2 is the main event of this series within a series.

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yoghurt3297d ago

I have to say, gagging to get into the Beta

They were cruel to release the beta this month, whilst I am looking forward to COD6 and will be getting it on day 1, battlefield just gets me more hyped with all its destruction and vehicles etc....

chak_3297d ago



december is soooooooo far away

Pwee3297d ago

Sounds pretty damn good :D!