Cliff Bleszinski: "Borderlands is the Diablo of this generation" Today, the infamous designer has praised Gearbox latest game through his official twitter account.

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Feral Gamer3324d ago

Yeah, until Diablo III, then what Cliffy?

LukaX233324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Wow Cliffy is still alive?

vhero3324d ago

LOL Diablo III Just LOL!! Diablo fanbase has mostly move on to greener pastures mate. We are in a new generation of games Diablo III will never have the success of its predecessor.

Jamescagney3324d ago

Diablo 3 will never have the success of its predecessor? Let me ask you something...are you on crack?

kraze073324d ago

Wow. Never thought someone would actually say that. I'm baffled. Were you being serious when you typed that???

JsonHenry3324d ago

Sorry, but no. Torchlight is the Diablo of this generation. (so far)

JsonHenry3324d ago

You must live in a cave if you think that.

Pennywise3324d ago

Vhero it is too early for most uninformed comment of the day....

Lets break it down:

Blizzard is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more popular than when D2 released. More fans buying D3.

Everyone I know who loved D2 is foaming @ the mouth for D3.

Greener pastures? Not one game has captivated me and took my time like Diablo 2.

toaster3324d ago

LOL man. You probably couldn't tell a good game from a rat's ass.

But on topic, I certainly hope Gears 3 won't be like Borderlands or Fallout 3 or have ANY kind of RPG like system. The Gears of War franchise is adrenaline and testosterone set to 100% and if Epic adds RPG elements then it will bog down the action A LOT. People play Gears to do this: kill somebody. 2 seconds later, kill somebody. 2 seconds later, blow someone up. 2 seconds later kill somebody. 2 seconds later blow 2 people up at the same time, etc etc. It's fast pace and action packed.
RPG elements would change the franchise that everyone knows, and maybe not for the better.

StanLee3324d ago

Cliff must be smoking that North Carolina backwoods sh*t. Without co-op Borderlands is boring and drab. It's Left 4 Dead with loot.

DaTruth3324d ago

Cliffy probably makes money every time a copy of Borderlands sells, so he is probably trying to make a lame connection to a game with a huge, almost cult following in order to rack up some Unreal Engine... Damn, forgot what it's called when you get a piece of the money every time something sells! Hate when that happens!!!

GentleGiant3324d ago

The word you are looking for is royalty fee. :)

ThanatosDMC3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I'm still sad that my necro will be gone. Oh well, i guess i'll settle with the shaman. I tried to be a barbarian and paladin on D2 but they get overwhelmed in hell mode especially in Act IV against Oblivion Knights.

I hate Cliffyboy. Too arrogant and under delivers.

frostypants3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Borderlands seems underwhelming and half-baked to me. But then, so did Gears. I see a trend here...Cliff seems like one of those style over substance type guys.

Darkstorn3324d ago

Does anyone actually give a sh** what Cliff Bleszinski says?

leyego3324d ago

no it aint, diablo 2 is still >>>>>>>&g t;> borderlands.

and D3 is gona top its ass.

Poopface the 2nd3324d ago

diablo 2 is one of my favorite games.......... and I love borderlands.

borderlands is the diablo of FPS.

Whitefox7893324d ago

It's a little early to call Diablo 3 out

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alaa3324d ago

Or maybe Gears of War 3 will have some RPG elements? I hope so.

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hardcore19123324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

It's a lot of fun and addictive. Now, it will be interesting if Epic games considered making a shooter/RPG.

xyxzor3324d ago

This game was fun up until the ending where I realized the story was one of the worst I have ever experienced.

A lot like Gears Of War 2's maybe they should get coffee together sometime.

hardcore19123324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I must disagree with you regarding Gears 2 story, the story is good not great. It doesn't suck like the one in Borderlands.

Sarcasm3324d ago

"I must disagree with you regarding Gears 2 story, the story is good not great. "

He's referring to the terrible ending in Gears of War 2.

"WTF" was my exact response.

DelbertGrady3324d ago

Borderlands gameplay doesn't rely on a deep story, and the somewhat shallow plot doesn't ruin the gameplay at all imo. It's all about levelling and looting. As soon as I finished it I went on to do all the side missions and right now I'm about to start over as another class and use different weapons.

It's one of the best games this gen imo. And I've played most big titles so far.

ThanatosDMC3324d ago

Yeah, it was like they couldnt figure out how to end it and just threw it there. Could have been more epic like the end KZ2 in which you definitely know that there's still a fight to be had. Rico's an A-hole.

vickers5003323d ago

I don't understand why people complain about a bad story if there is good gameplay. I mean Uncharted 2's story sucked balls, but it is one of the greatest games of all time. Stop complaining about the story if the gameplay is good.

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