TheiPhoneAppReview Review: Let Your Inner Warrior Out With Undercroft


Undercroft is a first person role playing game from developer Rake in Grass that aims to deliver an "epic" experience on your iPhone or iPod Touch that wraps up the character customization, leveling, and questing you'd find in RPGs on other platforms.

You start the game by creating a party of four characters. You can pick their class, add initial points to specific characteristics, and even choose a special ability for them to start with. In classic RPG fashion, this allows the player to create an extremely varied group of characters that create a fair amount of balance throughout the quest. Of course, you could also overpower your group in any one area, creating four warriors that rely on brute strength to power through enemies or four mages that wield magic against their opponents. Of course, should you choose to overpower your team in one area, you'll probably be shooting yourself in the foot later on in the game as enemies grow more and more powerful. Without a character who can heal the party, your four warriors might face certain doom. Without a character who can take a lot of damage, your four mages will die quickly. Carefully balance your team.

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