TheiPhoneAppReview Review: Spin Crazy Puts a New Spin on the Puzzle Shooter Genre


Spin Crazy is a new puzzle shooter from Squiddle Games, but it also brings a new element to the genre. Many will remember Bubble Bobble, a game featuring cute little dinosaurs that help the player shoot colored orbs at the top of the screen. When three orbs are matched up, they fall from the ceiling. The objective is to clear the map with as few shots as possible. Spin Crazy takes that general premise and spins it around.

Literally, the map spins. When you take your shot from the top of the screen, if the orb connects with the right side, the map will spin to the right, and if it connects on the left, then the map will spin to the left. This adds a new "dimension" to the classic puzzle shooter genre in that, now instead of only clearing one plane of orbs, you'll have a 360 degree map to clear from the center.

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