Game Vortex: Cars: Race-O-Rama Review

Game Vortex writes: "The Wii seems to be in a constant process of improving, from the perspective of developers finding new and different ways to make the Little Console That Could put out good-looking product. Cars: Race-O-Rama is an upgrade from the previous two Wii installments, each one a bit better than the last. That's saying something, considering we were duly impressed by both those games. The best thing here is a snappy interface that is uncluttered and keeps your focus on the road ahead. You can adjust your view all the way from a dashboard camera to close or far rear-view, depending on how you like to drive. The mini-map planted in a corner of the screen helps you navigate, making it possible to play from the dashboard perspective and not be constantly lost. Cars: Race-O-Rama is the first in the series that really gives the impression of being open world, with wide, open spaces you can drive to, explore, and race. The reality is that there are limits to the amount of drivable real estate, but the impression of an open horizon is exciting enough."

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