First day sales in Japan

A listing of first day sales data in Japan for various games has been released, including 3D Dot Heroes, inFamous, Winning Eleven 2010, and Summon Night X.

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Valay3330d ago

Next week should be very interesting for The Crystal Bearers. I'm praying that game doesn't bomb.

Bereaver3330d ago

It depends if it's a good game or a mediocre game. If it's a bad game, you should hope it's going to bomb, because that means they will change it next time. They'll still be able to make a profit anyway it goes.

sinncross3330d ago

The PS3 version of PES2010 outsold the 360 version by 137k lol

But yeah too bad 3D Dot heroes did not do better. I think Demon's soul's did 3 times that number.

Infamous is not bad either considering at 10k.

I expect PS3 sales to remain high this week.

SpoonyRedMage3330d ago

Me too, I think Famitsu have put a lot of people off but it should do just as good as the other Crystal Chronicles games, or possibly better, which means it should do over 100K First Week, however I think with FFXIII dropping next month that a lot of people will be skipped CB and FF Gaiden and just picking that up.

gaffyh3330d ago

Damn Notorious Man only sold 10k :( deserves so much more. Also 3d dot heroes should have sold more

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Bilbo653330d ago

Infamous higher than 3d dot heroes? Wish a niche title like 3d heroes was higher

Bereaver3330d ago

I do agree, it looks like endless fun for me lol.

sikbeta3330d ago

GO infamous, a really good game

ReservoirDog3163330d ago

I do agree 3D Dot Heroes should've done better (it looks really interesting), inFamous deserves to sell well, if it wasn't for Uncharted 2, it'd be my goty.

Is 3D Dot Heroes coming stateside by the way?

Chris Hansen3330d ago

[PS3] Winning Eleven 2010 142000
[360] Winning Eleven 2010 4800

theEnemy3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Winning Elevel 2010.

PS: inFamous' Japan boxart = awesome.

colonel1793330d ago

I think 3D Dot Heroes is a kind of game that would do better in the West.

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