Ripten: Best Buy Announces Nationwide Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Release (Full List of Locations)

Ripten writes: "If you want your copy of Modern Warfare 2 as soon as possible, and live near one of these participating Best Buy locations in the United States, you can station your ass outside one of them on November 9th as the clock approaches midnight. Full press release below."

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ZBlacktt3324d ago

I did this 2 years ago to get a Wii ( no lie ) for my daughters for Christmas. I was #34 in line out of 220 people there at BestBuy. They only had 114 Wii's to sell.

I would never ever wait in line for COD, lol... So much hype on yet such a repetitive simple online game play. The single player looks like fun. But the online, well I had enough of that with COD4. So not carring so much this time around at all. Now that BFBC2, now that looks like fun! Will buy that forsure.