PSLS: PSP Minis Review – Brainpipe

Anthony Severino writes: "Among the first batch of PSP Minis to be released, was Hands On Mobile, Inc's Brainpipe. Find out if Brainpipe is worth wrapping your head around in our review…"

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Lifewish3323d ago

solid review.. need me a PSP to check it out though :)

Sev3323d ago

Dude, grab a PSPgo. I am obsessed with mine. I've spent a small fortune on digital content though.

Bnet3433323d ago

Nice review, but I'll stick with my DS for now. :P

Lifewish3323d ago

I would Sev but I want to be able to rent games so if i get a PSP it will most likely be a 3000.

decimalator3323d ago

Where are all the PSP minis that were supposed to be coming at the PSPgo launch? They've been trickling in slower than PS1 games.